GbWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 5.50 for Android

GbWhatsapp Apk Download

GbWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version for Android: GbWhatsapp is the alternate of Whatsapp which has much better features than original WhatsApp. Many people prefer to use GbWhatsapp as their primary messaging resource. If once you start using GbWhatsapp, then you will be addicted to it.You might have already heard about GbWhatsapp, GbWhatsapp Apk Download is modded version of original WhatsApp. There are many mod versions available of WhatsApp on the internet but most of them don’t work properly, or there are some bugs in them. But GbWhatsapp apk is the only version which has cool features and working very well without any issue. Now-a-days people have started using GbWhatsapp more than the original Whatsapp reason behind it is the features of GbWhatsapp which are not being offered by original WhatsApp.

In the GbWhatsapp you can even disable the stories features which seems to be so much annoying for many users. Customization of GbWhatsapp is up to you which can be done easily with the help of GbMods. Best the thing is that GbWhatsapp gets updated at the regular time as soon as original Whatsapp gets an update. But there is a con in Download GbWhatsapp which is that if you use the privacy of Hiding Blue Ticks and Last Seen, then your messages may get delivered a bit late. If you are already facing this error and want to get rid of it, then you will have to disable all privacy options first, and then your messages will be delivered on right time. As per our experience, you must give a try to GbWhatsapp Download once, rest is up to your choice.

GbWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version for Android

So here in this post, we will be talking about GbWhatsapp features and the complete guide about using GbWhatsapp in Android device. Before GbWhatsapp’s launch there was another alternate mod version of WhatsApp which was known as Whatsapp Plus, but a few months ago it was banned by WhatsApp, and now it doesn’t work properly. But later Gbwhatsapp came into existence and working quite well with cool features. You can customize your Whatsapp look as per your wish with the help of GbWhatsapp Apk.

Gbwhatsapp apk free Even you can lock your Whatsapp easily without any need of 3rd party application and it is Alternative of whatsapp. GbWhatsapp has the inbuilt feature of lock system by which you can lock GbWhatsapp easily without any problem. Also, there are many custom mode themes which will make your Whatsapp look cooler, and you will get rid of old green boring WhatsApp theme. Not that much even you can create your theme and set all the desired things as per your choice.

I’ve been using GbWhatsapp personally from a long time and never faced any issue. So guys what are you waiting for? Start using GbWhatsapp today and enjoy the coolest feature of GbWhatsapp. Below we have shared the complete guide about using GbWhatsapp, and it’s feature, etc. Have a look at the entire post below.

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GbWhatsapp Apk Download

GbWhatsapp Apk Download

Download GbWhatsapp Apk

Gbwhatsapp latest version is the best mod ever made of Whatsapp. It always comes with cool new features in every update. The best thing about GbWhatsapp is its customization; you can customize it as per your needs. With the help of GbWhatsapp, you can hide your last seen, hide blue tick and many more things can be done.

There are many links available on the internet for downloading Gbwhatsapp for Android, but many of them are spam and will not help you in downloading original GbWhatsapp. So to get rid of this here, we have shared the complete guide to using GbWhatsapp and shared the original download link for GbWhatsapp.

GbWhatsapp gets updated on regular basis so guy’s you can bookmark this link for latest updated versions of GbWhatsapp. We update each & every thing of GbWhatsapp, so guy’s keep visiting this page for more information about GbWhatsapp.

Features of GbWhatsapp

As we all know that GbWhatsapp is especially known for its unique features which original WhatsApp doesn’t have. That’s why GbWhatsapp is much popular among people. So here we have shared some of the main and cool features of GbWhatsapp. You can explore more features after downloading GbWhatsapp.

  • You can Hide Last Seen with the help of GBWhtsapp
  • Hide Blue Tick
  • Show “Online” always even if you aren’t
  • Multiple themes available
  • Customization as per your needs.
  • Copy two or messages at once without copying date & time.
  • Send big media files.
  • Change notification bar color.
  • Inbuilt lock feature. No need of third party app to lock.
  • Create your theme and use it.
  • Customize status bar and navigation bar as per your choice.
  • Limit of status characters is increased to 255.
  • You can send 90 images at once instead of 10 images.
  • Send video files of more than 16 MB.
  • You can add up to 600 members in a broadcast list instead of 256.
  • Create your theme like iOS and use it on your Android.
  • Preview of medias without even downloading them.
  • You can copy the particular texts from the whole message.
  • Docs files can be sent using GbWhatsapp.
  • Many more excellent features just download & start using GbWhatsapp today.

How to Download and Install GbWhatsapp Apk in Android

GbWhatsapp has all the features which are available in original Whatsapp, and it has some other cool features too. Another impressive feature about GbWhatsapp is that you can use two Whatsapp accounts at the same time in one smartphone. GbWhatsapp can be installed on any Android mobile phone. So here comes the main part of this post. Downloading GbWhatsapp is not a difficult task, but some people still face errors while downloading and installing.

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The new update of GbWhatsapp has got some more cool features. In this update it has udated to the base version of Whatsapp which is 2.17.107. Also now you can hide chats in the latest version of GbWhatsapp. Old UI 6.8 added in different styles. The new update has got one more cool feature by which you can save story or status of any other user in your mobile phone. Message count icon’s bug has fixed. Option to Theme Recent Status Bar & Text. There are many other updates also included in the latest version. Some minor bug fixed. So enjoy the latest version 5.50 of GbWhatsapp.

The main error is that they don’t find the exact website to download GbWhatsapp because there are many websites available on internet which are providing to download it but most of them do not have proper download link or they redirect you to spam. That’s why, here i though to share the direct link by which you can easily download it in your mobile. Once you download the latest version then remaining process is damn easy as like other normal APK’s. Along with the download link we have shared the complete tutorial also of using it which will guide you to enjoy it’s all the features. So here we have shared the complete tutorial for downloading & using GbWhatsapp in Android. Just follow the below-given steps correctly and start using GbWhatsapp on your mobile phone now.

Steps to be followed for Gbwhatsapp :

To Download Gbwhatsapp Apk , just follow the certain steps that are mentioned below:

    • At first     Download Gbwhatsapp Apk in your mobile phone.
    • Now go to Settings of your mobile and enable Installation from Unknown Sources (skip if already enabled)
GbWhatsapp Apk Download

GbWhatsapp Apk Download

    • Now open GbWhatsapp Apk in your mobile and install it in your mobile.
GbWhatsapp Apk Download

GbWhatsapp Apk Download

    • Now open GbWhatsapp and enter your mobile number.
    • Your mobile number will be verified via OTP.
GbWhatsapp Apk Download

GbWhatsapp Apk Download

    • That’s it, Now you are ready to enjoy cool features of GbWhatsapp.
GbWhatsapp Apk Download

GbWhatsapp Apk Download

  • Now you can customize the GbWhatsapp as per your needs, just go to settings and then GB Mods to customize it.

Final Verdict:

So guys, this was the complete post regarding GbWhatsapp where we mentioned everything about GbWhatsapp like it’s usage, it’s features and all other necessary details. This was the easiest tutorial of using GbWhatsapp in android mobile phone where we shared the latest version of GbWhatsapp and explained all it’s features. You can also bookmark this page if you want to get notified about all upcoming updates of GbWhatsapp as we keep updating this page once there is any update available for GbWhatsapp. And I hope you have downloaded and installed GbWhatsapp in your mobile and enjoying its cool features.

If you are looking for GbWhatsapp for iPhone/ios, then you will be disappointed because GbWhatsapp is not available for iPhone users. So you will need android mobile phone to use GbWhatsapp. Also you can use GbWhatsapp in PC with the help of any android emulator such as Bluestack or Youwave. But we only recommend to use it in android device as it runs smoothly in the android mobile. If you liked this post, then do share it with your friends so that they can also enjoy GbWhatsapp’s cool features. Also if still, you have any questions or suggestions regarding GbWhatsapp then leave a comment. We would be happy to hear from your side. Keep visiting TechWorldZone for more tech related stuff.


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