How to Reset Windows 7 Password

Reset Windows 7 Password

I forgot my Windows 7 Password, how can I reset the password immediately?

My Windows 7 computer is locked and inaccessible, what to do?

How to reset Windows 7 password without deleting any of my important data and formatting my PC?

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If you are also searching for an answer for questions like that then you are in for a treat today. These types of questions are often asked in our blog where people forget their Windows 7 password and don’t know to reset it without formatting their computer or deleting any important and precious files and documents.

How to Reset Windows 7 Password

To be honest, Microsoft has provided no option to reset their password if they forget in Windows 7 or older versions. In Windows 8 and Windows 10, you can still reset the password online using MS account but not to worry, even in Windows 7, there is some loopholes and security breach that you can manipulate to gain access to your computer. In this tutorial, we will provide two methods using which you can be able to gain access to your PC or laptop again.

Part 1. Manipulating your Guest account

If you have setup a guest account on your computer with administrator rights then you can manipulate that account to reset Windows 7 login password of other user accounts and regain access to your device. Here’s how to do that –

Step 1. Turn on your PC and on the welcome screen; choose the guest account to log in to your PC.

Step 2. Launch the Run command window by pressing Windows + R key together and type “compmgmt.msc” to start the computer management program on your PC.

Step 3. You will be able to see tons of options but choose “Local Users and Groups” from the left side panel followed by clicking on “Users”.

Step 4. On the right side window, you should be able to see all the users associated with your PC and you should right click on the username that belongs to you.

Step 5. Finally, click on “Set Password” to change the password of your current user account.

How to reset Windows 7 Password

How to reset Windows 7 Password

Step 6. Save the changes and reboot your PC and login to your main account by entering the new password.

Cons –

  • Most of the time guest accounts don’t have administrator privileges.
  • Doesn’t work with Root accounts users and only works with local users.

Part 2. Reset Windows 7 Password using Windows Password Recovery Tool

If you don’t have a guest account on your PC or if your guest account has no administrator privileges then you won’t be able to reset your password and in that case, you will have no option but to format your PC or use a third party Windows password recovery program to reset your computer password. Formatting your PC will definitely remove all the files from your computer which will be a total disaster for you but using a Windows password recovery program will only remove the password from your login screen without modifying or deleting any from your PC.

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Windows Password Recovery Pro is a third party extension that is developed to reset Windows password from your Windows computer if forgot. It can be a real deal if you want to use your computer immediately for some urgent project. This program has the facility to remove all kind of passwords from your Windows computer and laptop including all types of Windows version computers such as Windows 7, 8, 10, XP and so on. It can be used to remove passwords from both local and administrator users by creating a password reset disk using your USB flash drive or CD/DVD. Let’s see how this program works –

Step 1. Get a new computer from your neighbor or your friend and install the iSeepassword program to create the password reset disk. Launch the program and insert the USB flash disk or the CD/DVD to begin the process.

How to reset Windows 7 Password

How to reset Windows 7 Password

Step 2. After launching the program, you will be able to see two options that say “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD”. Click on any one of them depending on which device you are using and until the ISO image files are burnt on your selected device.

How to reset Windows 7 Password

How to reset Windows 7 Password

Step 3. Turn on your locked PC and change the boot device priority and give your USB flash drive or CD/DVD #1 priority.

Step 4. Now reboot your PC and wait for iSeepassword program to load on your monitor.

Step 5. On the main UI of the software, you should input the following information to remove the password from your PC. First, choose an operating system that you using like Windows 7 then choose the username of your main account and click on “Reset Password”.

How to reset Windows 7 Password

How to reset Windows 7 Password

Step 6. When the operation is done, simply click on Reboot and enjoy with your computer.


You never know when you could forget your PC password that’s why it is recommended to make a password reset disk for your PC that you can use if you forget the password of your PC. But if you couldn’t take the precaution then also no worries since you can use iSeePassword – Windows password recovery pro to completely delete the password from your PC and regain access to it without any problem. Hopefully, this tutorial made your day easy and you will share this article with your friends and families.