If You Don’t Have Facebook App In your Phone You Are Saving almost 20% of Your Android Battery Life

The official Facebook app for Android continues to get improvements with every update. Facebook does not have the best reputation with its Android application. Clients have since quite a while ago griped about execution issues and it sucking up the battery and a year ago Facebook’s central item officer, Chris Cox, made the surprising stride of making his staff dump their iPhones and move to Android until they dealt with the issues.

Be that as it may, the issues have remained, and as of late they drove the Android blogger Russell Holly to dump the application, beginning a chain response that uncovered something somewhat fascinating about the application’s execution. Incited by Holly’s disclosure that life on Android was better without Facebook’s application, Reddit client pbrandes_eth tried the application’s effect on the execution of an LG G4.

They found that when the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps were uninstalled, other apps on the smartphone launched 15{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd} faster. Also, Check Out SMS Bomber. They tested 15 separate apps, and documented the findings, leading other Reddit users to test other devices. They found similar results when testing for app loading performance.

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After reading Holly’s piece, I had also decided to explore other options for accessing Facebook, to see if, rather than app loading, I could improve my smartphone’s battery life. I left the Facebook Messenger application unclosed, however, I swapped the Facebook application for an application called Metal, which goes about as a wrapper for Facebook’s portable site. Through the span of a day my Huawei Nexus 6P had 20{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd} more battery. This was true on average for every day for the week trying.

In Metal I was utilizing indistinguishable warnings and getting to similar elements from I had only a week before through the Facebook application, so why the distinction? Despite the Facebook app not showing up as using a significant amount of power within Android’s built-in battery statistics, it was evidently consuming more power in the background than it needed to.

It turned out other Android administrations including the Android framework and Android OS demonstrated diminished battery utilization when the Facebook application was uninstalled. Those administrations go about as a support for some applications to the outside world when running out of sight. So while Facebook didn’t seem as though it was utilizing that much power, it was very being shown somewhere else in Android’s insights.

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In this way, uninstalling the Facebook application spares both batteries and accelerates Android phones, it appears. Clearly, it might be less helpful not to have the applications, but there are several substitutes that allow you to access the mobile site within a wrapper, like Metal that I used. Alternatively, you can simply use Facebook within Chrome on an Android phone: recent updates have enabled notifications for actions, chats, and other features from Facebook even in the background, meaning the experience is very similar to using an app.


Either way, until Facebook improves its Android app, ditching it could save you 20{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd} of your battery life a day, and speed up your phone.

A Facebook representative said: “We have heard reports of a few people encountering speed issues coming from our Android application. We are investigating this and will update you as often as possible. We are focused on keeping on enhancing these issues.”

However, The organization made no specify of battery life issues.


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