How to Create your own Torrent Files using UTorrent

Create own Torrent Files

How to Create your own Torrent Files using UTorrent : Torrents are awesome, and they are an ideal approach to import large documents to your friends and family, or even with individuals. As we as a whole know Torrents are one of the best sites if you want to download applications or motion pictures. As we as a whole realize that Torrent are blasting step by step. Still, many of the Torrent users don’t know that how it works.

Torrent are an ideal way on the off chance that you need to share the files to the world or your friends and family. On the off chance that you have a file which is of about 10 GB People fear to transfer and to send it. Because transferring takes a considerable measure of time. Which takes additional time and furthermore you have to hold up. Rather, you can make your particular Torrent file effortlessly.

How to Create your own Torrent Files using UTorrent

How to Create your own Torrent Files using UTorrent

How to Create your own Torrent Files using UTorrent

At whatever point we download any Torrent documents like movies, games, music, videos, etc., we download it with the assistance of uTorrent or BitTorrent. We will make the Torrent file with the assistance of uTorrent. This is the major stride, and even you can do that effectively by following some simple steps which are mentioned in this article.

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How does Torrent Works –

BitTorrent has a completely different downloading method as compared to the original traditional method. What the method does is not even imaginable in your wildest dreams. It has a protocol which lets the file download much faster by consuming very less bandwidth. Bit Torrent is a peer to per protocol with uses “swarm” to transfer data from one computer to another. All computer is downloading, or uploading is internally connect to each other transfer files between them without using any central server.

BitTorrent always stays fast maximum people joining the network never actually harm the speed, and the reason behind this is very interesting. To connect as a “Swarm,” a computer has to upload a .torrent file into a BitTorent client. Now in every .torrent file either is a “Tracker” attached which is a kind of special server which keeps track of all the connected computers. The IP Address of all the computers are shared by the tracker to BitTorrent client, and thus all the computers get connected to each other.

Tutorial to Creating a [Private] Torrent File in uTorrent

Interestingly, You have to understand one very important factor that the BitTorrent client never actually download the files from the tracker itself. Tracker has a role of just tracking the files connected to BitTorrent neither downloading nor uploading the file.

Leechers and Seeders –

“Leechers” is a term used for people which are downloading the file from a BitTorrent swarm. Now the users who stay connected even after the file is downloaded and contributing more to their upload bandwidth so other people can benefit out of it are called “Seeders.” Seeder is very important if there were no seeders in Torrent no one will have a complete file.

As Seeders play a major role Torrent usually reward them Especially the people, who contribute more in the upload bandwidth. As a result Download speed is always increasing for people, who contribute more to the upload bandwidth.

Essentials –

  1. uTorrent App – Click here to Download.
  2. The file of which you want to create Torrent of it.
  3. Active internet connection and little bit brain ?

Steps to create Torrent file by using the Utorrent App –

  1. First of all, Download & Install uTorrent App in your PC/Laptop from above mentioned link.
  2. Here, I am taking GTA 5 and I will create the Torrent file of that.
  3. Now open the uTorrent App and click on “File” and select “Create New Torrent” which is located on the top left corner, instead of that you can even use the shortcut CTRL+N.
  4. Then click on “Add File” and wait for few seconds.
  5. Now it will open your file explorer, choose the desired file and click on “Create”.
  6. Give a name to the file and save it wherever you want.
  7. That’s it you are done, you have successfully created the torrent file, now share it in your circle and have fun.

You can upload the created torrent file in Torrent sites like, Piratebay etc.

Final Thoughts On Article –

As you read, I have shared the easiest way of creating the Torrent file by using the uTorrent App; you can even use other Torrent clients like BitTorrent. Hence, it can be useful to you in many ways, and it is free to perform. Share this article with your friend and family, and if you face any problem in any of the above steps than let us know in the comment box, we will try to help you.

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So, hence was the article to create Torrent. Hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.