Here Are Some of the Most Talked About Microsoft Surface Features

Microsoft Surface Features

The Microsoft Surface line is one of the most successful devices out there to provide services for entrepreneurs, artists, and gamers alike. But it is also one of the most expensive, the cheapest of which can cost nearly $800. So why do people still choose the Microsoft line in spite of its price? Obviously, there are cheaper alternatives to the Microsoft Surface, why would people rather spend more? Well, it is because there is versatility that cannot be found anywhere else.

Its design and adaptability is what hooks people and reels them in. The Microsoft Surface is powered by Windows 10, so if you transform your laptop or desktop into a tablet or studio, imagine being able to use that much high-end power on a pop-off device. You can simply just fold the screen and enjoy all the benefits of the Windows 10 to finish any creative project on-the-go.

Microsoft Surface Features

Here Are Some of the Most Talked About Microsoft Surface Features

However, this is just external stuff, right? For instance, Harvey Norman currently sells the new Microsoft Surface Studio computer, and the first thing you will notice is its design and adaptability. What about the internal features, the ones that matter? This article is a rundown of the some of the features people are talking about and shows why you should also choose the Microsoft Surface line.

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Dedicated graphics card

The Surface Book has a dedicated graphics card encased in such a small shell. It is powered by two graphics processors, Intel Core i5 and i7, with an 8GB or 16GB RAM. This will make accessing graphic intensive programs like Adobe Photoshop, your games, and even 3D modeling programs easier to do.

High definition viewing

With a much-improved gaming and 3D modeling experience, streaming videos should also be high end. The Surface works on 1700:1 contrast ratio screens, which means that everything looked much more vibrant and detailed than other laptops and tablets. This is why creatives like designers and artists choose the Surface line because they can check their work in perfect detail. It is also the perfect device to stream films and shows from. Additionally, you can be sure that the media you have recorded will also be high quality because the rear cameras are 1080p HD.

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Levels of pressure sensitivity

The most vexing thing about using a stylus is applying the right amount of pressure for it to be able to specific tasks like drawing or clicking. That is not going to be a problem with the Surface Book since it is sensitive to 1,024 levels of pressure, so using it feels like actual pen and paper. You can write down notes during a meeting easily; you can even change the tips of the pens.

12-hour battery capacity

But the most talked feature of them all is the 12-hour (which includes video playback) battery capacity of the Surface.The device lasts up to 10 hours if it involves browsing, but this is what some of us have been looking for, a device that does not interrupt the flow of our work because it needs constant plugging.

If you are a creative or an entrepreneur, who is always on the road, getting any of the Surface devices is the best way to make use of power and quality to your advantage. Check them out now and get different, and hopefully better, work experience.