5 Trending iMessage Features in iOS 10

iOS 10 has launched a number of updates after months and months of research and development. But, there are some features that are trending now-a-days and can be used by anyone. The trending iMessage features are as follows:

imessage features

  • Delete the Default Apps Feature

With the help of this feature, you can easily delete all the useless data, default applications and all the folders that you do not need anymore. For this, you just have to press on this application on your phone and then click on small X that you see there. By clicking on X, you will be able to delete all the data and it will also hide the data that you do not need. In case, you realize later that you need that application, you can always reinstall that. This feature comes with a disadvantage. It does not work with all the Apple applications, for example it does not work with the Health application.

  • Rest your thumb and your phone is unlocked

With the help of this feature, the default behavior of the phone will be changed. If you want to unlock your phone, you can press on the home button and this touch ID feature will soon be activated. In case you do not like this feature and if you wish to change the same, you can do that changing the feature to iOS 9 behavior. You just have to tap on Accessibility in Settings app and then tap on Home button and the setting will be changed.

  • Widgets with quick action

Just by touching the application, you can launch a baby version of the application. This is a very important feature that acts a 3D touch on your phone. Those mini versions are not just the shortcut, but they are also active applications that work in the same way as your application. For example, PCalc will feature a tiny calculator and the weather app can give you the update in the same way. Interaction can become really fast with the help of these applications.

  • Photo search

In your album, you will get to see a new memories tab that also features photos. Not only this, this feature also helps you in analyzing the content. You can also search the photos with the help of this feature. For example, in case you search for the word Umbrella, the feature will show you all those photos in your album that has umbrella in it.

  • Bedtime

Waking up on time and sleeping on time is an ongoing problem that most of us face. With the help of normal alarm clock, you can set your wake up time, but this feature allows you set your sleeping time, also known as the bed time as well. It will tell you that it is now your time to sleep. By doing this, you get deep insights about your sleep pattern.