Best Gaming Microphone Which Are Worth Buying 2017

Best Gaming Microphone

Best Gaming Microphone Which Are Worth Buying 2017: Microphones don’t seem to be that important when you talk about gaming. All seems to be important is a keyboard for better keystrokes and headphones to hear the sound properly, but guys you need to understand that microphones are as important as anything else when it comes to gaming. For instance, you want to talk to your partner while gaming or the one you’re beating down, which mostly happens during online gaming.

Best Gaming Microphone Which Are Worth Buying 2017

One thing is for sure that gaming microphones can enhance your gaming experience and lets you play more optimally. Some people also prefer using headphones which come with a mic along with the gaming set for the same purpose and that is fine, no offence but in front of gaming microphones, any headphone wouldn’t last. Recently, a team of Ultimate Beasts also shared a list of best gaming microphones.

Having said that, this is also true that finding a proper gaming microphone with suitable features and median budget is not that easy. But don’t worry guys today in this article we are going to see some of the most popular gaming microphones which can suit all your needs. So let’s start the list.

1. Blue Yeti –

Best Gaming Microphone Which Are Worth Buying 2017

If you’re talking about microphones, then you can’t miss the Yeti by Blue. The microphone is compatible with almost any purpose related to microphones. Whether it’s gaming, Youtubing, recording, podcasts, interviews, etc. But here we are going to focus on gaming, and it’s great for gaming. Firstly, you can see in the image that you can find all the controls right on the microphone for voice modulations like mute, Zero-latency, gain etc. The sound can be switched on four different modes like stereo, cardioid, Omni and bi-directional. It can be plugged in both Windows and Mac. It has a tri-capsule array and 3 condenser capsules which can record almost everything.

2. MXL Tempo-Kr Cardiod –

Best Gaming Microphone Which Are Worth Buying 2017

The MXL brand can be considered one of the most pioneering brands for headphones. The price of the microphone is cheap as compared to features, and for a variety of purposes, it can be used for like gaming commentary, podcasting, recording vocals, etc. The sound quality can also be considered another USP for the microphone which is known for recording reverberations even deeper. The colour of the microphone is bright red as you can check in the picture and that it will give a sleek look to your gaming desktop. Overall, the microphone is great not just for gaming but other studio related tasks.

3. Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB –

Best Gaming Microphone Which Are Worth Buying 2017

Audio-Technica is another great option if you’re looking for great sound quality, not anything else. The reason I said that because the microphone doesn’t come with a stand. If it is good for you then it’s okay or you can but a stand separately. The sampling rate of the microphone is 44.1/48 kHz. Other than that, the microphone comes with a built-in headphone jack from which you will be able to hear your own recorded voice to monitor it. You can also find controls on the mic to control the voice modulation and to gain or mute it. Although, for sound quality and a relatively cheaper price you can give it a shot.

4. Samson Go Mic Compact USB –

Best Gaming Microphone Which Are Worth Buying 2017

If you want to buy a cheap microphone without compromising in quality, then you should go for Samson Go Mic. The sound quality for the price you’re paying is unmatched. No external driver is required for it and it can easily be plugged into both Windows and Mac. It’s great for gaming, but it can also be also used for different purposes like recording and podcasting. The USP of the mic is considered as its compatibility and a wallet like a resemblance, thus it can be moved around and kept easily anywhere near to your desktop to laptop. Although, for the cheap and compatibility it’s a great choice.

5. Blue Snowball USB –

Best Gaming Microphone Which Are Worth Buying 2017

Another great microphone in a cheap price to suits your needs pull less from your pockets. This microphone is also a bit cheaper, and at the same time, the money being spent is worth because the sound quality is very good. It has a dual-capsule design. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The 10db pads provided by it make the sound more crisp and clear and it completely eliminates outer noises. The sound modes can be switched to omnidirectional and cardioid. You will also get a desktop stand to have better compatibility with the microphone. For sound quality, it’s a considerable choice.

6. Samson Meteor USB studio –

Best Gaming Microphone Which Are Worth Buying 2017

It’s not only the looks which are amazing about the microphone, but the features are also going to make you even more amazed. The microphone has a great frequency response of 20hz-20khz. The microphone also comes with a 1/8mm audio jack so, you can monitor your voices. It doesn’t come a with a tripod but an adjustable stand so is more compatible than most microphones. The 25mm diaphragm helps you to record crystal clear sound with no other distractions. Thus, the microphone stands out for quality and looks.

7. Samson G Track –

Best Gaming Microphone Which Are Worth Buying 2017

Well, this is the third pick we got here for Samson. This is one is the median of above mentioned Samson microphones regarding quality and price. It is priced average, and the USP of the microphone is condenser quality which is better than others. The 19mm diaphragm is good for noise cancellation and sound clarity. You will also get an inbuilt stand in the set. It will be plugged directly into USB. If you want a microphone which is affordable and rich in quality at the same time, then you should go for it.

This was my list of 7 best microphones for gaming.

Final Words –

Finally, I have to tell all you guys that whichever microphone you choose from the list, this is for sure that it will be a great choice. You just have to choose the microphone is suitable for you depending on your usage and likeability. Choose wisely.