Best Apps – Must have Android apps for 2017

Best Apps – Must have Android apps for 2017 The same apps have been updated and secured, besides being stuffed with more amazing features and fixed bugs. It will be a blessing to have these apps on the go with you, as they will increase productivity and enhance its usage to give your phone an entirely different dimension and versatility. All of them are available for download on 9Apps APK for android.

Evernote- Evernote is a reminder app, hoarded with a lot more features that make it unique. It has an interactive and straightforward user-friendly design with synchronisation of other apps that make it versatile enough to pay for the Premium version.

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It has features like list keeping, voice recording, to-do notes and web page clipping. It syncs with your tablets and computers and is accessible online too so you can keep your records wherever you need. It has a unique photo searching feature and an OCR with identifies text in photos. Evernote makes a great tool to use.

Best Apps – Must have Android apps for 2017

Best Apps - Must have Android apps for 2017

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Facebook Messenger- Undoubtedly, one of the best messaging apps with uncountable features and secured encrypted messages. Apart from texts, Messenger allows seamless video messages, immediate phots and video sharing, gifs, voice calls and video calls. Also, there are Messenger specific games such as JibJab. Users can also use artificial intelligent bots to buy products online. There is an Instant-Video streaming to access the one-way live video. A wide range of stickers adds to it. Install 9Apps and download facebook messenger for free.

Although Messenger works best with a Facebook account, it allows users to sign up for emails and phone numbers. It is one of the most user-friendly apps for messaging.

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LastPass- For the forgetful people. This secured app encrypts your passwords and generates new and different passwords for each site. It auto-fills passwords on that particular site. It syncs across all your devices, so you have your passwords anytime. It also has options that store your personal information, which will be handy next time for filling out online forms. Its paid version allows two-factor verification, secure sharing of data. It syncs across Windows, Mac, iOS and Linux devices too.

It also has different pricing plans according to uses. $24 per year is worth spending for such a handy and useful app.

Picsart Photo Studio- Picsart is the best photo editing app for android as well as iOS users. It is fun and easy to use editor for mobile photography. It has quick options for selecting stickers and images, combining into collages and sharing. Its creative user controls include a plethora of unique filters, adjustments collage features and sharing options.

The PicsArt community is a network of editors and artists to share pictures and creative work within the app. People have the option to share free to edit images, stickers, cliparts and more, which helps to create excellent photos.

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The paid version costs $5.95. It’s free of ads, and premium features are unlocked.

Spotify- Spotify is the best music surfing app in the market with posh features in premium versions. The deluxe versions and sometimes even new albums are released on Spotify. Live music streaming is perhaps the main feature of Spotify that makes its users hook to it. If you are movies lover then Newest Movies HD application is perfect for you to watch movies online on your Smartphone.

Spotify has frequent updates to its top lists, be it most played or localised. It is teeming with excellent features that make music a genuinely excellent function. Its playlists have shuffling options with advertising in between. It can be removed by purchasing the paid version of the app.