Why you need to get yourself this Self Balancing Smart Scooter

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Self Balancing Scooter otherwise called as an HoverBoard was invented by Greg Henderson. HoverBoard is one of the most exciting things that one can ever experience in today’s generation. HoverBoard is an easy to ride gadget offering various advantages to its users. Having their own HoverBoard is a dream of masses. HoverBoards are in high demand all around the world because they have the magical ability to make you travel from one place to another with ease. Though a HoverBoard cannot replace other form of transit say your ride via bike, car or a bus but still a must have gadget of today. If you are planning to get one , you can always check the hoverboard reviews first.

The best thing about this gadget is that it is completely unobstructed by the surface on which it travel. In the past few months with its huge popularity and demand the price of HoverBoards are considerably brought down and you can easily have one for you too. With the increase in speed (say 45 miles per hour) HoverBoards also have the power to overcome resistance with air. The best model of HoverBoards that you can buy today are Razor Hovertrax 2.0 (top speed 8 mph), TOMOLOO Hoverboard (top speed 10 mph), Jetson V8 (top speed 10 mph) & Segway miniPRO (top speed 10 mph).

Don’t wait grab one for you as well. Avail the benefits that technology has to offer you. HoverBoards have chargeable batteries that allow you to travel ten to fifteen miles on a charge. As we all know everything comes with a price tag and so are the HoverBoards. To buy one you have to spend around $300 & to buy advanced versions you may have to spend as much as $2,000. The recently designed HoverBoards allow you to float few inches above the ground level. They enable you to travel to exotic places all around the world. They also allow you to fly high in the sky and slide down the biggest snowy mountain quickly.

HoverBoard is one of the best inventions for skate lovers as it is a kind of skateboard without wheels. HoverBoards comes in 3 main wheel sizes- 6.5 inch, 8 inch & 10 inch. Some high performance HoverBoards has dual motor & 10.5” vacuum tires engineered to tackle road obstacles without sacrificing stability & safety. Such HoverBoards are also is equipped with high performing engines that can traverse 15 degree slopes with ease & its 3.5 inch chassis turns bumps giving vibrations of a smooth ride to its riders.