The Most Affordable Computer Glasses to Optimize Your Eyesight

`Our lives have been transformed in a significant way and all thanks to how fast technology has advanced in the last few decades. For many, they have been able to take their lives in their hands and this is all thank to laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Yes, people have been able to name living with nothing more than their laptops and even some with their phones.

However, despite this amazing experience – to earn money from the comfort of there homes – there is still some downside. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets all emit blue lights which are incredibly damaging to one’s eyes.

Blue light has long been theorized to affect your vision and to do so in the extended scheme of things. Not only that but the adverse effect that they have on a person’s eyes are not just damaging, but they are irreversible.

In this article, we have taken the liberty to compile a list of 13 fantastic computer glasses which you can purchase off if Amazon today.

Moreover, the best part is…

That these computer glasses are under $20.However, don’t let the price tags fool you. They are some of the most affordable drinks you will come across as well as being very useful.

The Most Affordable Computer Glasses

# 1 – GAMMA RAY Anti UV Glare Harmful Blue Light Computer Glasses

Not only are these computer glasses incredibly stylish but they do a fantastic job of protecting the eyes from the blue light. These computer glasses won’t break the bank, and they will most certainly shield your eyes from harmful light which you expose yourself to on a daily basis.

Here are what a few people are saying about these glasses:

“These glasses are great. They look sharp, and they’re not tinted so much that they alter color perception. I work in an office setting, and after just one day of wearing these glasses, I noticed an improvement in my eye spectrum healthcare. My eyes no longer hurt, water, itch, or feel bleached out after staring at a computer screen for hours on end. Highly recommended!” – Ariele Monzo

“I suffered a concussion four months ago and was finally able to go back to work at the beginning of this month. I was having much trouble with the fluorescent light and looking at my computer screen using this has helped me so much!” – Angela Warnick

These will cost you $12.99.

# 2 – Eyekepper Readers UV Protection

These are excellent sunglasses for those who have kind eyes. They protect against the blue light as well as UV light.

Here are what a few people are saying about these glasses:

“I purchased these glasses almost a week ago. Thus far, they have greatly enhanced my reading on my computer, iPad, and my Kindle apps. Since I had cataract surgery about five years ago, I have used 1.5 strength reading glasses and thought they were sufficient. I purchased a .75 strength Eyekepper, which works very well. I did not realize how small my regular reading glasses were either on my I Pad or my Kindle apps until I began to use the Eyekepper. I am also impressed by how well constructed these Eye peppers are. Finally, I now see how much blue light comes from my computer and my Ipad.” – Julianna

These will cost you $18.39.

# 3 – ALTEC VISION SuperPak 2 Pack Computer and Gaming Glasses

Truly the epitome of what computer glasses should be. Offering superlative protect for your eyes. What many people fail to understand is that when you strain your eyes, you cause great more harm for your head as well; which can lead to headaches and so much more.

Here are what a few people are saying about these glasses:

“I bought these because I work in an office with fluorescent lights (one directly overhead) and between the light and my four computer screens I was getting headaches and eye strain daily. I have been wearing these for four days now, and they seem to help. I only have two issues. One, after 8+ hours my temples are a bit sore, but this frequently happens when I wear glasses. Two, I have never had a pair of any glasses (vision or sun) that smudged as bad as this door that is as hard to clean. Whatever the coating on the lenses is they are tough to keep clean. I have to spray them w/ lens cleaner multiple times a day; the cloth that comes with them won’t get the smudges off by itself.” – Darla

These will cost you $15.99.

# 4 – Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses by Wealthy Shades

These glasses have been designed specifically for protecting your eyes against the harmful blue light.

Here are what a few people are saying about these glasses:

“It is, and I love the Navy Blue! I wear contacts, so I got it without a prescription. The blue tint is easy to notice when you take it off and look at it. I’m very impressed I was worried because I have a somewhat wide head, but they were made for all face shapes.” – Cassandra

“I can now work a 12-hour shift in front of multiple computer screens and not have a headache by the end of the shift.” – Tracy Sherwood

These will cost you $19.90.

# 5 – Slim Vintage Computer Readers Reading Glasses

These have been met with mixed reviews. Some people love these – whereas others found them useless. So you may want to be a bit cautious with these. However, with a price tag of half of what you spend on Netflix, it wouldn’t kill you to give them a try.

Here are what a few people are saying about these glasses:

“These are great reading glasses, especially for use with the computer. The tint seems to be just right in clarifying the pixels. I like that the front is one piece, and doesn’t have the little ‘feet’ for your nose… those things that always break…. good value for the money.” – Edward D. Baxter

 “Great style and comfortable…unfortunately the anti-glare coating scratches very easily, and the scratches are very noticeable while looking thru the lenses. I would not recommend these if you carry them with you in a pocket due to the ease of scratching.” – Don

These will cost you $10.00.

# 6 – Computer Glasses 2 Pairs Anti Glare Anti Reflection Classic Reading Glasses Quality Comfort Glasses for Men and Women

These unisex computer glasses are exactly what the doctor ordered – in the sense that you will be given a great pair of commuter glass that will shield and protect your eyes from the blue light.

Here are what a few people are saying about these glasses:

“Best computer glasses I have had. Disappointed with some others, these are good. Good quality.” – Bob

“Thin lightweight, cheap. Get what you paid for but they will do for budget minded. Nice to get two pairs” – Merced G.

These will cost you $12.99.

# 7 – Cyrus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses

A very stylish looking computer glasses which significantly protect the user’s eyes as well as making looking at a screen for hours on ends less strenuous on the eyes.

Here are what a few people are saying about these glasses:

“They say the lenses are transparent, but they are slightly yellow. It’s also a film added instead of it being the actual lens that blocks the blue light, so they get smudged and stay smudged. I’ll keep them because they work when needed, but I bought another pair that is waaaaaay better and clear lenses.” – Shannwich

These will cost you $19.90.

# 8 – TIJN Blue Light Block Glasses |Round Optical Eyewear Non-prescription Eyeglasses Frame for Women

The perfect computer glasses for those who must spend hours on end behind a laptop all day.

Here is what a few people are saying about these glasses:

“My wife, a software developer, was stressed at work and staring at monitors 8 hours a day doesn’t help. She had a recurring eye twitch on and off for three weeks which prompted us to get these glasses. Her eye twitch stopped immediately! We are delighted with the price and would purchase them again. Also, she says they look like Warby Parkers, and she’s gotten compliments at work from wearing them :)” – McGowanFam

These will cost you $18.99.

# 9 – Computer Glasses, Sxacntg

The name says it all. These computer glasses have been designed precisely for computer visual usages.

Here are what a few people are saying about these glasses:

“This is my second pair of blue light blocking glasses, and I like them. My original pair was about 10X more expensive than these, and they seem to work the same. My more expensive glasses were cuter and more stylish, and these are plain. However, they seem to work just as well.” – Happy With Glasses

These will cost you $10.99.

# 10 – Visionary Reduce Eyestrain, Anti Blue Rays, UV Protection, Unisex Computer Reading Glasses

These are some of the sleeker looking comer glasses that not only protect your eyes, but they also are very stylish and can be worn even after looking at a computer.

Here are what a few people are saying about these glasses:

“Great glasses! Fits on my face and it does help with a slight tint on the glasses.” – Five Stars

“Blocks the glare from the computer nicely. I do not dislike anything about the glasses.” – Irene S. Peterson

These will cost you $12.99.

# 11 – Vegas Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These las vegas moves glasses have proven to be quite beneficial for those, suffer from headaches due in part to eye strain.

Here are what a few people are saying about these glasses:

“Bought these for a co-worker who was having headaches at month end (compiling statistics on her computer). It’s been three months headache-free now. She swears by these!” – Chelsea Ingalls

These will cost you $18.96.

# 12 – Aspectus Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These glasses can block out 60% of the blue light from affecting your eyes.

Here are what a few people are saying about these glasses:

“These glasses are fantastic! They work very well in well lit & dark rooms. The only issue I have is they’re huge on my face. If they had them in different sizes, they would be perfect.” – Greg T.

These will cost you $19.75.

# 13 – Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with SCT-Orange Lens (S1933X)

These are exceptional glasses they not only help protect you from blue lights while you are looking at your smart devices but also helps you to sleep a bit easier.

Here are what a few people are saying about these glasses:

“Well I am super skeptical when it comes to things like this …how can glasses help you sleep better you know? My boyfriend has a pair of these and swears by them, so I finally bought some. I have severe insomnia so what did I have to lose right. I got the glasses put them on, and within the first hour I noticed I was getting tired and it was only 9 pm usually I don’t even start to get tired until 2-4 am so this what weird to me it’s not been about a week and man do these things work it’s almost completely fixed my insomnia now I get tired around 8 -10 so I would highly recommend these …they are kinda big and good looking but worth it” – Cf777

These will cost you $8.49.

Affordable Computer Glasses That Are Amazing

You can purchase all of these commuter glasses off of Amazon. Alternatively, there are other websites to which you can also find these computer glasses but they may be a bit more in price.

But at a price that is less then what you pay for Netflix or just pizza takeout no matter where you purchase these halves from, for under $20, that isn’t too damaging to your wallet. Stylish, cool, effective and most importantly they come at very affordable prices.