3 Great Tools to Speed and Improve LinkedIn Lead Generation

3 Great Tools to Speed and Improve LinkedIn Lead Generation

Since its inception in 2011, LinkedIn has become the ‘social home’ of a huge number of business people from across the globe. The platform boasts 322 million active members (those who visit their profile at least once a week) and it is estimated that 1 in 3 working professionals in both the UK and the US are LinkedIn members. This means that Linkedin lead generation offers opportunities that no one can afford to miss.

Finding the time to execute a successful Linkedin lead generation campaign can be difficult though, especially as most people feel like they barely have enough time in the day in the first place, without having to spend hours a week on social media. There is also the additional complication that successful lead generation via LinkedIn is something of an art.

The good news is however that there are some very useful tools that can be used in conjunction with LinkedIn that will help speed and bolster your efforts. Here is a look at three of the best of them, and, here’s a bonus, you can make use of them all for free.


This is a very useful Chrome extension that can help you determine whether a potential lead is really worth pursuing or not (you can’t connect or pursue everyone, that looks spammy)

With the Discover.ly tool enabled in your browser when you navigate to the LinkedIn profile of a potential lead a green icon will appear to provide extended information on that person including Twitter data and Facebook mutual friends as well as well as any blog posts they may have authored and other content from around the web.

Not only does this help determine the real value of the connection but it also potentially offers opening touchpoints you can use to connect. For example, a note commenting on the value of the potential connection’s latest blog post is a great way to ‘break the ice’ and pique the interest of the recipient.


A crystal ball to aid in LinkedIn lead generation? Not quite, but this tool actually does come close.

When sending messages and contact requests via LinkedIn it is crucial that you connect on a personal level with prospects. Crystalknows is a communication coaching tool which performs an analysis of the ‘personality’ conveyed by a LinkedIn profile and then offers psychology based insight into the best ways to word an approach to them.

It even offers keyword and draft email suggestions to aid your communications structure to get better LinkedIn lead generation results. And as it lives in your browser – in the form of a Chrome extension – it will be on hand to help automatically when you are browsing the profiles of possible connections.


If you are sending InMail in the hope of making valuable connections and are not getting the response you want – or any response at all – then you will need to figure out why, and Attach is a simple add on that can be used with LinkedIn to help you understand what is happening to your messages once they have been sent.

Once active the tool can tell you when your message was opened, how long the recipient spent reading it and what they did with it afterwards, all of which will help you determine what you are doing right – and wrong, so that you can adjust your LinkedIn lead generation strategy accordingly.