Can You Track a Car With GPS Tracker?

A GPS tracker is one of the newest but most trusted security devices that helps you not only track your vehicle with real-time location check but also lets you keep a tab on your loved ones.

While reading the newspaper, we often come across the reports on the rising crime against women and children in parts of the country. It increases your stress level and leaves you worried about your family.

As the husband of a working woman, I often get worried about her safety as she travels approximately 20 km from home to her office. Initially, she often travelled in metro to the office but later she started driving as the metro proved pretty time-consuming for her. With the kind of traffic she faced in peak hours, she asked for a driver to drive her to office and back.

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We hired a driver to ferry her around but I was still concerned as she has no fixed timing of reaching home. As she is driven all alone during late hours I began getting worried about her. I planned to put a GPS tracker in her car so that I could track her all the time when she is travelling in her chauffer driven car.

I came across one such device called KENT CamEye. It is not just a GPS tracker but a Dash cam as well. It safeguards not just my loved ones but our vehicle also at the same time.


What is KENT CamEye?

KENT CamEye is a car security device that has dual cameras to record everything happening inside and outside the car. KENT CamEye allows you to be in charge of your vehicle by recording the driver’s behavior as well as any misuse or abuse of compliance by him. It is a one-of-its-kind GPS tracking device that ensures 100% security for your car and the passengers riding in it.

Features that make KENT CamEye stand out from others

Live Video Streaming with GPS tracking

People these days consider live video streaming of almost everything they do. Right from adventure activities, to going to any concert or to looking at what the kid is doing at pre-school and much more. If that’s so, then why not live stream your loved ones in the car on your phone? KENT CamEye offers live video streaming of the inside or outside of the car whether the car is parked or in motion. It even offers the real-time location tracking of the vehicle, so you never lose track of your loved one and car.

Face Recognition

It is really important to know who is around you and your loved ones. We keep a log of face recognition on our smartphone lock; then why not for the security of loved ones? Facial recognition is a technology that identifies a person comparing selected facial features from a given image with faces within a database. CamEye’s pioneering technology identifies the person sitting on the driver’s seat, from the list of familiar drivers and alerts the car owner if an unknown face is detected.

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Alerts on Phone

For the smallest of our things, we want a message on our phone, be it our bill payments or DTH recharge or an update of monthly groceries. Similarly, we could get an update on the phone when any of our loved ones is travelling alone in the family car. With KENT CamEye, you can get each and every update about the speed of your car, starting or ending of a trip, whether the engine is idle for a long time, loud music and much more. You can receive an instant message on the phone and can take remedial action accordingly.

KENT CamEye has a User Friendly App, Easy installation, Cloud storage, In-Car Alerts and much more that meet your needs.

KENT CamEye is really a next-gen security system for vehicles and passengers and it is an excellent and very useful security device that ever appeared in the market. It is a very useful and safe device for your family and car.

KENT CamEye is designed mainly keeping in mind the needs of Indians on the roads. So, gift your wife this device for her car, directly from Amazon!