Concerned About Your New Business Name? Know-How to Select Your Business Name

Naming seems a pretty simple task but a lot of thought and research goes into it as the name says it all about your business. When it comes to naming your business it is even more important as the name you choose becomes the face of your company be it on the name board, hoardings, visiting cards, stationery and everything that your business is associated with. Your business will be associated with and identified by the name you choose. Let us go through some points that will make it easy to choose the right name for your company.

Over the years one must have come across many companies, products, movies or anything but only a few names are the well-remembered because of various reasons that they might be catchy, easy to remember, simple. There might be some creative business names too for a few companies. It is crucial to decide the correct business name ideas so that the company name is well recognized and remembered by all for the products and services the company offers to the customers. Naming isn’t just one aspect of the company but a pretty important one as this is the first step in branding,

Company name explains it all about the whole business in a couple of words, therefore it’s vitally important to choose a creative business name which adds value to the business.

Here a couple of rules to consider that will help to choose the correct and best name possible for the business.

  • Name it right: Choose a name that will make it easy for a user to understand what the company is about and the services the company offers. The products and services provided should be identifiable by the name hence consider that suitable types for your business name ideas. The name should tell what your company provides the customers and also for any potential customers looking out services and products offered by your company.
  • Simplicity is always the best policy: Keep the name as simple as possible so that anyone can easily remember. Limit to two syllables so that name is shorter in length. Simple words are always good when it comes to the name of the company. If anyone wants a service offered by your company a search for that should be linkable to your company name. So the name it right to get more potential customers.
  • Check the name availability: Once you choose a name for the company be sure to check for domain name availability. It is advantageous having both the company name and internet address making it easier for customers to find and remember. Check if the name is not already registered with any other business and product also. Research well and make sure no conflict is there and go ahead with a name rather than naming first and then checking for it later. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Knowing the common mistakes generally done while choosing a name for the business gives you a head start in avoiding those mistakes. The common mistakes are:

  • Avoid too much creativity: In the present trend everyone wants a unique and a different name, such a company name idea is not likely to be accepted by all as that unique name may not be easily remembered by all. Choose name not according to trend but by the services company offers. This makes internet world also to present many links to your website.
  • Say no to unusual words: Try not choosing the acronym or special word formation as it may be special to you to remember but not for the people to remember and search for. The name should explain itself about the business. Use traditional words over catchy words that are quite forgettable over time.
  • Don’t go for place and language-specific names: It’s better to not consider names that have a geographical location or a language-related word in the company name idea you choose. Initially it might seem correct for your business, but later on, if you decide to expand business across other countries with a different language then the name you chose poses a challenge. Therefore choose a generic name related to service rather than language or a location.
  • Select common suffixes: The present world is well connected over the internet and everyone avails products services all over the world. So when choosing the website it is advised to opt for all the suffixes such as .com, .net and associate company name for easy access to everyone.

Name is the face of the company and basic branding of the products and services the business provides. Go through the tips and common mistakes to choose the best, creative name suitable for your company.