Top 7 WordPress Productivity Tools

Top 7 WordPress Productivity Tools

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system, CMS. It powers 30% of the web, that is 74.6 million websites that rely on WordPress. If you are spending countless hours using WordPress to publish content or optimizing different elements to increase speed, SEO, and sales, then you are wasting your time. The whole point of using a CMS is for efficiency, which is why there are so many excellent tools to boost your productivity.

Here is a list of excellent tools that will maximize your ROI in sales, conversions, and traffic. These tools also will save you endless hours writing and re-formatting content when you export GoogleDocs to WordPress.

1 WP-Optimize by xTraffic

What’s not to love about this tool? xTraffic offers a laundry list of features, such as:

  • Performance and on-page SEO
  • Image optimization ‘
  • Theft prevention
  • Lazy load filters
  • Traffic optimization

Such an easy way to cut time and plugin requirements.

2 TablePress

This plugin offers a MS Excel spreadsheet style so you can add, assemble, arrange, and display all your data. These responsive data tables make displaying data super easy and it comes with pagination, filters, shortcodes, and data import/export features.

3 Zopa

This plugin offers live chatting from Zendesk, It is a very efficient and intelligent chat plugin. It includes the following. Chat popup triggers, badgers and avatars, social channel integration, customized “offline” messages and a contact form for lead gen. In other words, Zopa has it all.

4 Yoast

No list would be complete without Yoast. This SEO tool helps you get found in local searches by optimizing your contact page. This includes adding Google Maps, Opening Hours, and Store locator, and more.

5 Docsify

If your business includes content, and whose doesn’t, you need to have an easy and fast tool that will export Google Docs to WordPress. This simple SAS application was created to solve the all too familiar formatting headache when you try to upload content from GoogleDocs to WordPress. You just got save by this easy tool that perfectly copies from one to the other seamlessly.

6 Snappa

A really easy design tool that offers free high-res stock photos, and pre-made templates. They also offer amazing extras like:

  • Over 200 fonts
  • 100,000 vectors and shapes
  • Photo effects
  • Shareability to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms
  • Connect your *Buffer account so you can pre-schedule your posts
  • Resize your graphics with a couple of clicks

7 Buffer

The ultimate scheduling and analytics tool. Follow these easy steps to integrate Buffer with your WordPress account.

  1. Create a Buffer account and connect your social network
  2. Install WP to Buffer Plugin
  3. Connect your Buffer to WordPress
  4. Configure Your Settings
  5. Start Sharing

Bonus Tool

MonsterInsights. No list of amazing WP tools is complete, without a Google Analytics plugin. As a business you need to know how people find you and are using your website. The best part is that MonsterInsights shows you these important stats right in your WordPress dashboard.


Using all these tools on WordPress will help you become more efficient and productive. Starting with your content be sure you can export GoogleDocs to WordPress and avoid formatting nightmares. Get optimized by adding SEO and analytics. Make sure your scheduling and sharing are all set up to increase efficiency and reach. A good design tool will let you customize your WordPress and take your UX to the next level.