7 Trends That Are Shaping Website Design In 2019

Much like everything else in the digital world, web design trends change almost every other year! Businesses and website owners often have a hard time making changes to their web portals, but here’s the thing – even the best websites need a redesign at least once in two to three years. 

Before you go ahead and hire web designers in Singapore, we recommend that you check the 7 trends that are currently shaping website design in 2019. 

  • Vibrant colors

Instead of using a lot of colors in the palette, designers are now working on more flat but appealing designs that rely on vibrant shades. Using a pop color scheme for your website is the simplest way of garnering attention, and you can actually work around many themes. The only thing that needs attention is how such as choice works with your branding elements, such as the logo. 

  • More videos and animations

A lot of websites now have videos and animations playing in the background, and while this is an innovative idea, it may affect the loading speed. As such, you have to hire the web design team that can actually focus on the trend but without compromising on the performance of the website. You also need to ensure that such visual elements don’t affect user experience. 

  • Minimalism is in

When we talk of minimalism, we don’t really mean flat. We are just referring to designs that are subtle but create an impression. You can always check online to find better examples of how some of the best websites have been created with limited use of elements. Web design firms have their own approach to the trend, so discuss everything in detail.

  • Mobile first

More than half of all web searches are initiated on mobile devices, and even Google has rolled out mobile-indexing first. It goes without saying that your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices, and we are not just talking about responsive sites. You need to ensure that the mobile version of the website looks appealing and can engage the readers and visitors. 

  • Smooth transitions

How a visitor uses the website is the core aspect of creating an interface, and you want the website to have smooth transitions, which is the new trend on the block. Everything within the website should come together to offer an easy-to-the-eye experience, and you will find many ideas and samples online to understand the effect. 

  • More of authentic images

Instead of relying on stock pictures, a lot of websites now have authentic images and videos that truly represent the brand in the right context. This just makes the website more organic to the audience, and people start developing a certain level of trust in the company. Done with some planning, using this trend doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

  • Effect with typography

It is also necessary to focus on typography and fonts, and more designers seem to be in love with bold fonts, especially for the home page. Sometimes, you can change the entire look of a website just by actually changing the font, and it could be a great way of redesigning within a budget. If you haven’t checked some of the trending fonts, we recommend that you search online right away. 

In conclusion

In the true sense, web design has come a long way, and you cannot use a random theme for your website anymore. Trends give a fair idea of how the design should look like, but eventually, everything boils down to customization. Check online to review web design services in your area.