Brain Buckets and Naked Bikes

Brain Buckets and Naked Bikes

One of the most important pieces of equipment for motorcycle riders is the helmet. Not only is this a vital part of what keeps you safe while you’re riding, it is an essential part of your look. Of course, safety should always be your top priority when choosing a helmet, but you cannot ignore looking good at the same time. Standards, or “naked bikes” or “roadsters” as they are sometimes called, are the most straightforward general purpose motorcycle. They are also some of the easiest bikes to customize, which makes them very popular in the biking community. The helmet style that is especially popular with this type of bike is often called the brain bucket. This is just one kind of cruiser motorcycle gear.

What Is a Brain Bucket?

You probably can recognize the iconic look of a brain bucket from a mile away, but what exactly is it that makes a brain bucket a brain bucket? The real name for it is half helmet, and it is easy to see why. The half helmet only covers the top half of the head when worn. Specifically, they start at the top of the forehead and end at the back of the neck. At least that is true most of the time. Like all helmets, brain buckets may vary is shape and size depending on the manufacturer and style. This makes it possible to find one that fits your specific needs, both practical and aesthetic.

The Advantages

There are three main benefits to a brain bucket:

  • Air flow
  • Lightweight
  • Style

Depending on your priorities, you may value the first two more than the last. There is no denying that the brain bucket provides the most air flow of any helmet style. Considering that it covers so little of your head, this is all but inevitable. It is also the lightest helmet for the same reason. However, the main reason most people wear this type of helmet is because of the way it looks. There is no look that better captures motorcycling freedom. Complete the look with a few other cheap motorcycle clothing and accessories.

The Disadvantages

On the other hand, a brain bucket has less coverage than any other type of helmet. This does mean it is a little less safe in the event of an accident. That does not, of course, mean that you are in danger simply by wearing one. These helmets are still DOT approved, which means they are both street-legal and safe. That being said, you should always take precautions to protect yourself when riding, no matter what kind of helmet you have. Additionally, the smaller size means there is no eye protection built in. Many riders combine a brain bucket with glasses, goggles, or a bandanna to protect against the wind or rain.

Whether you are heading out on your naked bike, or hoping to pair it with dirt bike riding gear, it is hard to beat the iconic and unmistakable look of a brain bucket. The half helmet is undoubtedly one of the coolest looking helmets out there.