Get Better Vaping Experience With These Methods

Get Better Vaping Experience With These Methods

There are different types of smokers available in the market and different smoke has its own identity and speciality. Likewise, vaping or vapor is having its fan base. You can improve your smoking experience with several vapor products. West coast 420 express brings you a collection of 9 vapor products that will amaze you. You must be willing to know about the products so let’s know about these products.


Vapor drops mix and match- This product is nothing but vape juice in a cocktail form which means it has other elements blended within and that makes the vaping experience better. You can get this amazing product in just 50$ from Rex Originals

Vapor drops peach- this 30ml bottle of vapor drops that are also flavoured is magical when you vape it. The essence of peach makes you feel like being in a different world and you can enjoy the fruity feel even when you are vaping. These vapor drops are available at 14$ only.

Vapor drops strawberry menthol – If you love the blend of strawberry and menthol then this vapor drops is perfect to make your vaping experience better. This drops come in a bottle of 30ml and contains the essence of strawberry and menthol which gives a fruity cool feeling while you vape. This bottle is also available in 14$.

Vapor drops flavourless- If you want to consume neat vapor then go ahead with this bottle. This bottle contains vapor drops that are not mixed with any flavour and will give you a strong vaping experience. You can get a bottle of neat vapor drops of 30ml in just 14$.

Vapor drops blueberry- one more bottle of 30 ml contains vapor drops which contains the magical blueberry flavour. And gives you the relaxing experience of vaping. Get this bottle in just 14$.

Vapor drops rainbow sour- If you like sour flavours then here is your vapor in sour flavour. This 30ml bottle contains tangy sour flavour that will energise you while vaping. Enjoy this unique flavour in facing in just 14$.

Vapor drops watermelon- if you are a fruit addict then here is another fruity flavour that you can enjoy while vaping. Get this 30ml bottle of vapor drops with watermelon flavour in 14$.

Vapor drops Canadian tobacco- if you want to make your smoking experience string then get this Canadian tobacco flavoured vapor drops. This 30 ml bottle with strong tobacco flavour comes at 14$.

Vapor drops vanilla custard- If you love a sweet rate and flavour while vaping then you must try out this vanilla custard vapor drops and enjoy vaping the sweet flavours. Get this bottle in 14$.


Make your vaping experience amazing with the flavoured and non-flavoured vapor drops from waste cost 420 and enjoy vaping at a new level.