Guide to Choose Your Intrinsically Safe Camera

Guide to choose your intrinsically safe camera

The camera is not just a product or a gadget to use these are emotions for several people. The photographers pamper their camera like a child because they love photography and they love clicking unique snaps. In the market, you can find several cameras available but if you are finding an intrinsically safe camera then you must checkout onsight cube-ex camera. This camera comes up with amazing features that will drive you crazy. If you are a camera addict then you must know about this camera.

Onsight cube-ex

Onsight cube-ex has been categorised into a wearable zone 1, class 1, division 1 camera. This camera is claimed to be intrinsically safe because of the amazing features that it comes with. Let’s know about its amazing features.

Features of the onsight cube-ex camera

  • It can deal with any environment- whether it is the oil refineries, chemical plants, gas pipelines, refuelling station or any such adverse conditioned places it can work everywhere. If you are making a documentary on chemical plants then this camera will be perfect for you.
  • It can capture HD video- it has the thermal and fusion modes which makes the HD video better. The quality of the HD video turns out best as a single stand camera.
  • The cube-ex provides the visuals that are required for a safety inspection.
  • It has a dual-camera inside- The dual camera fitted inside helps to create the HD quality better and support the widespread screen capture.
  • The cube-ex model supports complete onsight platform this is why it has been named such. There is an onsight workshop that can be operated with this camera. Where you can regularly upload images, and also manage it and access it.
  • It also helps to contact the enterprise so that you an bring in remote experts quickly for collaboration live.
  • It can find material defects and also an environmental hotspot which is great for jungle survey.
  • It can access electrical connection and systems even with loose wires.
  • It is attachable to the mono pad. Attaching to mono pad helps to work smoothly and reach such places which are hard to reach.
  • The camera is light and small which makes it easy carrying and you can hold it easily without such safety belts.
  • It has a dual camera which makes the picture quality better and also captures crystal clear videos.
  • You can mount this camera to a hardhat. If you are climbing under cave and mines then you can mount this camera to your hardhat and keep working.


Overall this is a super quality hard camera which is safe and capable to use in any condition. You can use for your professional work. You may wish to learn more about this camera then my dear you have to search in search engines of online market places to buy this or get more information about this onsight cube-ex camera.