Detailed Review of Mavic 2

Detailed Review of Mavic 2

In the world of technology and photography the moment drones were launched it has become very popular because of the unique features that it offers. After the first drone, there have been several modifications on drones design and technology but the basic thing was the same. Today here we are focusing on the Mavic 2 enterprise dual support package drone and will let you know the points of interest here.

What comes along the drone?

At first let’s know what is the thing that the company offers within the box apart from the drones.

  • Mavic 2 enterprise dual aircraft
  • Hard shell carrying case
  • Charger
  • Remote controllers
  • Smart flight battery
  • Gimbal protector
  • Power cable
  • 3 pair of propeller
  • I pair of the spare control stick
  • Type C USB cable.
  • USB adapter
  • Extended port cover
  • Speaker
  • Spotlight
  • Beacon
  • RC cable( for lightening connection, for USB connection, for USB type C connection)

Now let’s move on to detailed information about the drone and let’s know about the amazing features of this drone.


  • It comes with a three-axis camera which is gimbal stabilized.
  • It has a 4k sensor which helps to capture light better.
  • There is a thermal micro camera to capture the thermal data.
  • You can fly the drone at day and night as well because of the different sensors like fog and smoke.
  • There are multiple displays more which are called intelligent display and that can be operated through the app called DJI Pilot flight control app which helps to visualise data from the dual-sensor camera adjusted therein.
  • It has the feature of multispectral dynamic imaging and that feature names FLIR MSX.
  • This drone embossed Hugh fidelity, and show prominent light details which are thermal imaginary but can be visible in reading time by enhancing the visual details.
  • The drone also can interpret the critical data which is not easily visible with the naked eye.
  • It has a spot meter inside which tells about the temperature and also locate the object with a safe distance from hazardous.
  • It can measure the area of the corresponding location. It can access an object and get their present status.
  • Isotherm operated. This drone is powered with isotherm technology which helps to get information about the temperature of specific ranges.
  • The drones come with modular accessories to increase their capabilities. This model magic 2 dual is compatible with the accessories of this product range.
  • It comes with a dual spotlight which helps to maintain the brightness is dark or low light areas. This is why this drone is perfect for doing rescue or secret inspections.
  • It has a speaker as well and whose sound projection capacity is 100decibels at least. The pilot can play 10 custom voices and also recording when needed. It works as a communication channel for the operator.
  • Beacon flash helps to provide bright flashing strobe from three miles away. It helps to run the process in Low light ass well.

Overall the Mavic 2 enterprise dual drone brings along several features and accessories along with it and it also has better security features which are amazing. If you are planning to buy Mavic drone then search in any search engine where to buy Mavic 2 pro.