What is a Plasma Lighter and Why You’re Going to Want One

Plasma lighters, or arc lighters, as they are also known, are a great innovation. There are between two to four electrodes in the top of the lighter which creates a plasma arc when you press the button, and when you press flammable material against that arc it will burn.

Below we look at why these lighters are a brilliant advance on traditional lighters.

  1. Rechargeable

Having a plasma lighter that is rechargeable is a massive step up from having disposable lighters that you have to throw away and replace fairly frequently. Even refillable lighters can end up being a little expensive. With a lighter that charges within a  couple of hours and lasts for around a month all that waste and extra cost is eliminated.

Unlike a traditional lighter you also aren’t going to lose the fuel that powers the flame between uses. The lighter holds its charge, whereas a traditional lighter might lose some fuel due to evaporation.

  1. Windproof

Have you ever stood there in the wind and tried to get that cigarette lit? It can be more than a little frustrating. With a plasma lighter that is a thing of the past. Having no flame means that there is nothing for the wind to blow out.

This also makes it super useful if you are out camping and you need to get your campfire lit; no more struggling on those windy nights.

  1. No Smell

That smell that you sometimes get with traditional lighters, that can interrupt your enjoyment of your cigarette, is not something that you are going to have to worry about with a plasma lighter.

There is no fuel burning, only the flammable material that you are lighting, so whatever you are lighting is not going to be affected by the odour.

  1. Environmentally Safe

As well as being very practical, plasma lighters have the added bonus of being environmentally safe.

The fact that there is not going to be a whole batch of lighters thrown away is the first thing that makes plasma lighters a great help to the environment.

Secondly , you are not going to be using a lot of lighter fluid to fuel the flame that a traditional lighter would require.

It starts to add up when you learn that Bic sells around 4 million lighters worldwide everyday, and each lighter releases 0.25g of carbon into the atmosphere. That is a lot of plastic going into those landfills, and  a considerable contribution to carbon emissions.

  1. Safe

Without a flame, and with no fuel, a plasma lighter is much safer than a traditional lighter.

You are not going to have that problem with the lighter getting hot as the wind keeps blowing out the flame and you still haven’t got your fire lit, so no burnt fingers.

Butane gas can be harmful to humans, and with a plasma lighter there is none present, so it is reducing your exposure to a source of carcinogens, which is always a good thing.


There are many things to recommend the purchase of a plasma lighter, and they come in a great variety of designs. You get to use something that is better for the environment, is more reliable than a traditional lighter, and safer as well.