The Five Best Retro Games for Xbox

The Five Best Retro Games for Xbox

The original Xbox marked Microsoft’s first foray into the home gaming console. While the Xbox itself is a bit outdated, many of the games remain retro classics to this day. Younger gamers might consider these games “retro” but for people who grew up on the console, they remain favorites.

All of the games on this list first appeared on the original Xbox. But you can now play them on the Xbox One, either as a direct port or an updated HD version.

Halo: Combat Evolved

As soon as it appeared on the original Xbox, the Halo series established itself as one of the Xbox’s marquee franchises. Every Halo game is playable on the current Xbox One, so if you haven’t played the original Halo, you should give it a spin.

While the graphics lag behind current iterations, the gameplay remains fun, challenging, and fast-paced. You can also enjoy the origin of the Halo Universe, with Halo: Combat Evolve offering one of the most engaging game openings of all time. Another important point is the Xbox gaming platform where you play your favorite games. Some are better than others, especially in terms of streaming capabilities and lag time. The last thing you need is to have to reboot your game after you’ve come so far.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Known affectionately as “KOTOR”, this Star Wars game quickly became a smash hit on the Xbox, allowing players to take a deep dive into the Star Wars universe. The game was well-regarded for its story, world-building, and atmosphere.

As the name implies, Knights of the Old Republic takes place in the past, about 4,000 years before the movie sagas begin. The game was famous for laying the groundwork for much of the lore still found in the Star Wars universe. You can now enjoy KOTOR with updated graphics on the Xbox One.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto V has become one of the best selling games of all time, having moved over 100 million units. Before this smash hit, there was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the original Xbox.

Both GTAs take place in San Andreas, a fictionalized version of Los Angeles, and both are packed with violence, intense gameplay, and lots of crime. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was one of the last big games released on the original Xbox and showed off the system’s capabilities in terms of both graphics and gameplay.

Another thing to mention is apart from the wild fun, stunning cars, and enchanting visuals – GTA is well known for bringing back many classic musical hits. They really take you back in time, so this is a game where you and your buds will want to wear your Xbox One gaming headsets to really immerse yourself in the extremely lit sounds and vibes.

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

These days, vast open-world RPGs are ubiquitous. Back in the days of the original Xbox they were few and far between. More than a sandbox game, like Grand Theft Auto, Morrowind labored to bring an entire world to life, complete with interesting side characters, cities, lore, and more.

For its time, the game was hugely ambitious and even by today’s standards, it offers a huge world. On the Xbox one, frame rates have been improved and the graphics have been touched up but Morrowind largely remains the smash classic it was upon release.


Psychonauts was originally a commercial flop but not due to gameplay or fun. The game was highly lauded by critics but didn’t gain traction with consumers back in 2005. The great gameplay, excellent artwork, and oodles of creativity, however, helped the game develop a cult following.

The game was later re-released on PC, Xbox One, and other consoles and would go on to sell over a million units. A sequel is now in the works but you can enjoy Psychonauts on your Xbox One today!

In conclusion: Plenty of Great Xbox Retro Games

The original Xbox featured tons of great games. You can play many of these games on a modern console, such as the Xbox One, or you could pick up an original Xbox. Either way, the fun is all yours.