iMyMac Browser Cleanup-An Expert in Doing Browser Cleaning

Web browser is a common technique that would be used daily by millions of people. We search information, get access to websites, receive and share news worldwide. It would bring a lot of benefits to us. But there still are dangers lurking in the dark side of web browser.

Your browsing history and traces are deemed as treasures and are in the danger of being manipulated by others. With browsing history, the computer could analyze what kind of person you are, what’s your interest and where you may live. All the information is accessible for everyone who wants to know your online traces unless you clean your browsing history.

What is more serious is that your login credentials may be in the hand of others as long as you are not used to cleaning your browsing history. Many people intend to save credentials on web browser for their convenience. But that’s could lead to big trouble. There are certain rules to match your logins with the associated websites. Criminals could be able to access your login code and enter into your account. Imagine all your Google emails or shopping history are listed in front of the criminals. How terrible it is if they make money with your privacy.

Protecting your browser security and privacy is the dire need for many people who browse online daily. But how? As a non-expert in computer who don’t want to spend too much time on that, how could I clean up the browsing history securely? Maybe browsing cleaning tools are your first consideration. iMyMac Browser Cleanup is what I consider the most suitable tool to do browser cleaning for you.

Part 1. Browser Cleanup – Expert in Browser Cleaning

Browser Cleanup is an expert in doing browser cleaning. As an excellent tool, it is designs to protect your confidential data and improve your browsing experience by cleaning up junk files, cookies, and history, eliminating deceleration reasons, clearing privacy traces.

Part 2. What Browser Cleanup Can Do for You?

Browser Cleanup is a good helper to clear the browser. It is capable of dealing with many kinds of files. Browser Cleanup supports the clearing of history information, cookies, and other private files at browsers such as Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, etc.

1. History

Browser Cleanup helps to clean the browser history like browse records, download records, etc. All web browsers automatically save your browsing history that shows what pages you have visited and how long have you kept staying on that page. Your sensitive information like login code can also be accessible for online criminals. That’s why we should clean browsing history regularly.

The trouble of cleaning lies on that each browser may store separate browsing history as many people would use several browsers to get more information or for different purposes. It is troublesome to clean all the tracks. That’s what Browser Cleanup do for us. It is capable of cleaning browsing history and private files in different browsers like Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, etc. All the browsing history and tracks can be cleared with the help of Browser Cleanup.

2. Cookie

It helps to clear your online cookies and protect your privacy. Similar to browsing history, cookies could trace all your online behaviors and save your login information so that it could provide conveniences and better experience for users. That’s why many websites would ask your permission to get your cookies. But that could also pose risk to your online privacy as so much information like name, address, login credentials that matters to us all can be traced in cookies. Thus, Browser Cleanup intends to help you clear cookies from many popular browsers.

3. Files

Browser Cleanup helps to clear files downloaded from browsers according to your will. You may download many videos, music, files that are helpful or preferred by you. Later there would be a lot of unwanted files downloaded from browsers. In that case, all you need is an efficient tool to help you clear the files you don’t want any more. Browser Cleanup provides you freedom to choose the files you want to remove, and with a simple click you are able to clear the files you choose to delete.

Part 3. Why Choose Browser Cleanup?

The user-friendly details of Browser Cleanup really make my online experience go smoothly. Several features that really help improve the user experience are as follow:

1. It Is Easy to Use

The software is easy to operate. It is designed to help users clear browsing history and tracks within only a few clicks. There is no need to worry about how to install or how to use. The whole process would go smoothly even if you are a novice. Besides, there are detailed guide with clear steps and illustrations to help you figure out the process.

2. It Runs Fastly

It is designed to provide excellent user experience and functions to users. There are a lot of user-friendly designs to help users quickly and efficiently clear their browsing history. It provides fast scanning and simple steps to help you minimize operating time and protect your browsing privacy.

3. It Provides Free Trial

Free trial is available for Browser Cleanup. It provides users chance to have a try then they could make better choice. Click free download on the frontpage of Browser Cleanup and you are provided with Free Cleaning service within 500MB data.

4. It is a compatible software

It can be applied on iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro.

5. Selectively

It protects your data from mistakenly removed from your Mac. You are able to select the unwanted files according to your will. You are the master and the decision maker of your data and privacy.

Part 4. Conclusion

Web browser help us connect to others and see a different world. But we should take care of our privacy during our exploration. Your personal information and living habits may be leaked out from your browsing history, tracks and cookies. That’s why we’d better clear browsing history with the help from efficient tools. And clearing browsing history and cookies is what Browser Cleanup can do. It is efficient to clear history information, cookies, and other private files to protect your browsing security and privacy.