What Services Do Telecom Termination Companies Provide?

VoIP or telephone over internet services are transforming the business and telecommunications world. The low cost of implementing VoIP is the primary driver for companies who want to save money while still getting the same level of service.

To save even more money, businesses rely on telecom termination companies to deliver outbound calls to the numbers you’ve dialed.

These companies provide value because the termination provider decides how to route your calls and then bills you accordingly. Low-cost routes usually mean low voice and call quality, which is why it’s essential to choose your termination company carefully.

This article shows you the services telecom termination companies provide so you can choose the best one for your budget and needs.


There are many aspects to security to worry about. Still, toll fraud is one that affects many businesses, and it works when criminals generate unusually high volumes of international calls on expensive routes. This allows them to garner some of the revenue generated from the call.

A good termination company provides security against outbound toll fraud using IP protection. This security limits the damage caused by the criminals and lets you keep the money that would otherwise go to the crooks.


Another service that good telecom termination companies provide is the infrastructure required to route calls through the network. The more ‘hoops’ your calls jump through to get to where they’re going, the more risk there is of handoff and transcoding issues.


Having multiple systems and routes in place is better than having a company with only one upstream route in case of failure.

Domestic US-48 Termination

One feature some telecom termination companies offer is Domestic US-48 Voice Termination, which is billed at a flat rate for the 48 continental states.

With this, you send calls to the company’s network via SIP over the internet, SIP over IP link, or dedicated TDM connection like DS1 or DS3.

Likewise look for companies that complete calls over a private network rather than the internet, which offers reliability and security.

International Termination

Another feature to look out for is International Voice Termination, in which calls to the network are completed by way of SS7 TDM to Tier 1 interexchange carrier. This negates the need for a VoIP provider in the middle, which can interfere with things like faxing.


Having integrated and advanced billing solutions is another key feature you’ll want when hiring a telecom termination company.


Recovering after a disaster is essential to getting your business back up and running. Look for a company that has strong relationships with multiple T1 domestic carriers. These relationships provide a robust disaster recovery service that can roll traffic over to the other carriers in the event something goes wrong and reduce the impact to your business.

Cloud IT Services

If you’re concerned about the cost of expanding your company’s capabilities because you have to purchase expensive hardware, hiring a company that offers Cloud IT services is ideal.

Cloud IT allows you to get the benefits of having a secure and professionally managed data center without the expense of additional hardware or an IT team.

Secondly, Cloud IT service takes the guesswork and hassle out of maintaining the network too.

Lastly, having a company that offers Cloud IT services means you don’t have to discard outdated equipment every few years and upgrade because it’s all taken care of.

Security Audits

Everyone is concerned about security, especially over networks. Having a telecom termination company that is proactive in identifying weaknesses and recommending fixes is vital to keep your data protected.

Companies that perform regular IT security audits are valuable for keeping your company safe, and it’s a feature you want to be sure the company you hire has.

Wholesale Termination

To better serve your company’s needs, look for a telecom termination company that offers wholesale termination services. Wholesale VoIP termination guarantees you get the best price for termination service without sacrificing call quality.

Because of fierce competition, international wholesale traffic is shifting to smaller Tier 2 or 3 carriers. The smaller carriers offer more aggressive pricing, which benefits you.

Custom Packages

Every business is different and so are their needs. Finding a company that offers custom packages is often better than going with one that has a one-size-fits-all approach.

A good telecom termination company customizes products to fit your specific needs, whether you’re a Tier 1 carrier with high-volume or a small VoIP customer.

The world of telecom termination changes rapidly. And that’s why it’s essential to go with a company that easily adapts to new technologies and markets. Before you pull the trigger and choose a company, do your research and ask questions. Doing your due diligence ensures you will get the best bang for your buck.