Drive Efficiency with Board Portal Software

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In business, a company’s top people need the best tools to get the job done. But with new inventions hitting the market all the time, how does an organization know which to get?

Many private companies, credit unions, Crown agencies, and even non-profits are turning to board portal software as an efficiency-boosting IT solution enabling board directors to stay connected securely. Read on to learn more about how it works.

Centralized Communication

Board directors sometimes have a preference for emails or texts — now, the entire board will do all their communication in one central platform, which is accessible from every desktop, laptop, and tablet. Directors will no longer have to bounce back and forth between emails and texts when they use cloud-based software like board portals.

The software also functions as a single repository for all important board material, such as minutes from past meetings and upcoming board materials. Admins can aggregate and upload board packages, and swap in new documents and edit old ones easily.

Effortless Remote Collaboration

Board directors using board portal software can work together seamlessly, even if they’re in different cities. Directors can read and annotate board documents and share them easily with colleagues to raise concerns and promote solutions.

If one director edits a document, the others receive a notification right away indicating there has been a change. This way, you can improve pre-meeting engagement effortlessly with technology that always keeps everybody on the same page.

Robust Security

Given all the hacks and security breaches in the news, it’s understandable that businesses need a secure platform to keep their sensitive information private. It’s also essential to safeguard the data of clients and employees, too.

All board portals are highly encrypted, which prevents data thieves from getting the foothold they need inside the platform. There are also other important layers of security.

The customer can decide in which country they’d like the server storing their information to be located. There’s always adherence to independent, third-party security certification requirements. It’s also easy to control permissions, so the organization can decide who gets access to what documents.

If a company-issued device should go missing, all the board data can be wiped remotely to prevent a breach. If the same director whose device has gone missing needs to access important board documents, all they need to do is log in from any other desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Ease of Use

The best board portals are extremely easy for anybody to use, no matter what device they’re on. They are designed to be just as useful on portable devices, so you can get the full functionality of the platform without having a mouse or keyboard.

The drag-and-drop technology will already be familiar to any user. While designed to be easy and intuitive to use, industry leading providers also offer exceptional customer service in case you have questions about how it works.

To be an industry leader in the modern era requires adopting the best modern tools and letting them work for you. In order to get one platform that boosts board efficiency by creating centralized and secure communication and collaboration, get board portal software.