Branding, Marketing, and Storytelling: 3 Forces Driving E-commerce

To execute high end retail transactions in the world of e-commerce, it takes a special talent for custom software development. The most successful online retail applications tend to be those that have proven capable of executing the 3 most important sales strategies within the online world: branding, marketing, and storytelling.

Today, no matter what product you’re selling, you can’t afford to ignore the enormous potential of online shopping. Regardless of the complexity of the transaction, the solution you need is available in the form of specialized and innovative web application development.

The Vast Potential of Online Sales

Companies like Amazon and Shopify have already proven the enormous success of the online retail market. In Canada alone, 86 percent of people have made at least one e-purchase in the past 12 months.

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Case Example: Automotive Dealerships

One of the best examples of a product that has traditionally remained outside of the realm of simple online retail transactions is auto sales. The cause for this difference is that car sales require a lengthy and complex process to complete, which lends itself much better to the showroom floor than to the web browser.

For many years, dealerships lingered on the sidelines, expecting little results to come out of investing in the internet. That’s because the kinds of products that kicked off the online sales boom initially were small, mass-produced items that required little in the way of explanation or description.

At that time, any business that specializes in a product or service that requires more than a simple “add-to-cart” transaction used to use their web presence as a mere advertising tool, which allowed customers to research inventory and peruse updated information on sales.

The Secret to Overcoming the Obstacles

Much has changed in the world of online retail since its formative years. If you’re currently operating a dealership, the best strategy that you can implement today is to update your website to include the best new sales and marketing applications designed specifically for dealerships. For example, you can increase your auto dealer sales with live chat added to your website because it has the potential to attract more customers to your dealership and boost lead generation.

Capturing Web Traffic

It all starts with your ability to retain online traffic. Today, people all over the world spend an enormous amount of time online, averaging at approximately 3 to 5 hours. No company that deals in selling absolutely any product can afford to ignore that potential to generate new customers by building better leads.

End-to-end Business Solutions

For dealerships, the importance of incorporating the latest internet marketing and sales applications cannot be stressed enough. Using live chat to create a better customer experiences, your website can open up to an enormous amount of sales possibilities. Not only can you bring digital insurance and financing forms to your web presence, but you can also connect with social media marketing platforms in order to facilitate complete end-to-end auto sales online.

All it takes is the help of a sales and marketing services provider that specializes in auto dealerships. Get in touch today to learn more about the potential that your website now has for generating new sales.