How Technology Will Help You Study Medicine Abroad

In recent years, a lot of students have considered studying medicine abroad. Technology helps students find great new places to travel, study and new ways to enhance their learning potential.

Only fifteen years ago, there were no smartphones, no youtube, no facebook. The world is rapidly changing. We are at the edge of the mass electric cars and the artificial intelligence that will change our future in an unseen direction. With all these new opportunities, are you using the full potential the world offers you in your everyday life?

Apps that will change the way you learn

You probably know that in your pocket, you’re carrying a personal computer more powerful than the one used to send people to the moon. How can you use this power to change the way you study?
There are several apps that will change your learning habits while studying medicine overseas.

Note-taking apps

Have you felt lost in all notes, all scattered on different sheets or notebooks? Now you can deal with this mess using Evernote. It sums all gathered information in one place. You can add all kinds of attachments, audio recordings, and links. It has a free version that lets you sync your notes across two devices.

Scanner Apps

You’re probably sick of taking photos of books, textbooks, someone’s notes. You have a pocket scanner with this simple app. After scan the study material, you can upload scans directly to to a note-taking app. And that’s not all. It recognizes text within the photos so you can search even in pictures.

Task schedule Apps

A lot of tasks build-up, especially when you’re into studying medicine. Sometimes all you need is a schedule; something so simple can increase your efficiency. Just don’t forget to update the app with your new tasks. It may even be integrated with Google Calendar. It also helps you to calculate your grades and your GPA. It’s available through the App Store and compatible with Android devices.

Dictating Apps

As a medical student, you probably sometimes need to log a Latin term quickly. With these types of apps, you can instantly record any lecture, or you can easily make a voice note. The best part is that the information can be saved not only on audio but on a text file also. And can be exported directly to Evernote or similar apps.

Connecting tools for students and medical teachers

When you study abroad, especially when you’re into studying a discipline like medicine or dentistry, sometimes some questions need to be clarified. There are a lot of programs that improve this interaction between the teacher and the student. Such as Blackboard, Moodle, Google Classroom, Chamilo, Edx-platform, Open edX, Edmodo LMS, SWAD, Fedena, Instructure Canvas, Courselle, etc.

Don’t forget to socialize when you’re studying medicine in a foreign country. The language barrier can be an issue. However, we can use technology for that matter. There are language studying apps like: Mondly, Duolingo, Memrize, WordBrewery, Lingvist, HelloTalk

Overall, always try to look for new opportunities in doing things better in your life. Try your best to utilize all instantly available technology.