Polish Yourself With DevOps And Amazon Web Service Skills

IT skills are in demand in this decade. As far as the technology is growing your skills are needed to be polished and get some new skills as well. There are several fields of technology and learning about all of them is a challenging task. But if you want to get exposed to most frequently used skills and learn them then you must know about Inventateq certification courses. Their DevOps and amazon web service courses come with a bundle of knowledge and information to grow new skills. These courses are best for growing your career and enjoying a new life.

What does Inventateq certification courses offer?

This course offers you a deep knowledge of DevOps and amazon web services which includes several multiple software-related services. They focus on providing practical knowledge more than theoretical knowledge which helps you to work on real-life without any hazard. While learning from them you will get to work in real-life projects of the industry which gives you a proper reality check and prepare to face the same as an employee. The trainers of Inventateq are having experience of a minimum of 10 years. And the best part of this course is that it is a job-oriented course. Which means you will get to learn all possible skills in this field.

What will you learn in DevOps certification course?

This devops training in bangalore is structured in a way that it brings you all practical and theoretical knowledge and also makes you learn to operate different tools to use DevOps techniques. Tools like GIT, DOCKER, JENKINS, PUPPET, CHEF, SPLUNK, ELK STACK, SELENIUM &Maven, Scoop, ANSIBLE, Nagios (& Icings), Snort, AWS, Cloud computing, Google cloud platform Microsoft azure. This course does not end here you will get to learn the work process in the real field with real projects which help to know how well you are learning the skills. You will work under supervision but you are free to create better ideas and implement the skills that you are gathering.

What learning you will get from Amazon Web services course of Inventateq?

Amazon Web services offer several facilities and software to deal with every website, application or any software. You will love learning about these services from Amazon. Even this course will train you to operate multiple tools like Cloud computing, Amazon Web services, DevOps, google cloud platform, security, open stack, adure, Linux, container, big data, integrated development environments (IDE), scimkt- learn, monitor, analyze, manage and debug, Internet of Things (IoT).

Training process

The aws training in bangalore process for both these courses is the same. You will get the theoretical knowledge first and then you will also get practical knowledge, your assignments will help you to get field knowledge. Once you are certified you will be helped to prepare your resume and face interviews which will eventually bring you a good job. They take care of your career when you enrol for the course. They won’t leave you after completing the aws training in Chennai. They make sure you get the job and get satisfied with it.