Pinpointe Review: The Most Reliable Email Marketing Tool

Email Marketing is not dead yet, it is one of the golden techniques adopted by a number of marketers to generate leads. Of course, Social Networks and other platforms are there in the race, but Email Marketing helps you to reach out to the potential customers to increase the number of sales. Thankfully, we have a Pinpointe with us. Let’s collect some more information about this tool.

What is Pinpointe?

Pinpointe is an advanced Email Marketing platform. This advanced email marketing platform comes with numerous tools and features to make your campaign a success. It serves a user-friendly interface that lets you easily start using the platform and its features. The aim of this platform is to build customer relationships with meaningful email communications, at scale.

Key Features:

Multi-tier Structure

This platform lets you work with a team or multiple teams on a particular email marketing campaign. A user can set up an account with one team, or with multiple accounts. The platform supports multiple accounts of over 500 users with its multi-tier structure.

You can focus more on your email campaign by collaborative nature of the platform with multiple teams from one single account.

User-friendly Interface

The best thing about this tool is its intuitive user interface. This email campaigning tool is for small businesses and big enterprises.

When you first sign in with your login credentials, you will see a plain interface of the tool listed with different options. You can easily upload contacts list, can make use of databases and do a lot of other activities by exploring the different options. You can also start your first email campaign from the Campaigns tab. The navigation is pretty simple allowing anyone to use the tool like a pro!

Over 1000+ Readymade Templates

What makes this tool unique from others is it comes with thousands of readymade templates to start your campaign with. All you have to do is just select the suitable template as per your service and products’ category and use it to compose an effective marketing email.

Each of these templates is mobile responsive that means emails you create using these templates will look the same on mobile devices like a desktop. Mobile users will also get to see the full content, images and able to click the inserted links within the email.

Simple drag and drop builder

The tool offers an easy yet powerful email campaign builder. The builder works with simple drag and drop functionality, you can easily select the useful items from the sidebar and drop them to the main window to compose a professional email for the marketing. You will be provided with hundreds of options without the need for coding.

Useful Social Network Buttons

You can add social network buttons within the email you compose for the marketing. You can then insert your profile’s URL there. Whenever a user clicks on the button, he will be redirected to your profile of different social networks. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other buttons.

Real-time Analytics

The Statistics section on this tool allows you to keep an eye on an on-going campaign. The tool comes with real-time website tracking with analytics. You can get full details of your contacts with other useful information. It also allows you to view your Twitter streams.

Smart Segments

Smart Segments is Pinpointe’s new feature. This feature allows you to on the prospects with precision. With plenty of segment options, users can choose the preferred custom fields while composing a marketing email. User can also select from various behavioral information such as clicks, automated emails, and many more.

Ability to Add Website Form

Users are allowed to create a website. The created website form can be placed on the website from where they can collect new contacts. Users can create a list of the new contacts who have enquired about your services using this form.

The advanced form builder allows you to choose the readymade form template which can be embedded on a website by the user.

Customer Support

Pinpointe offers great customer support to their customers. You can reach out to the customer care executive via phone, live online chat, email etc. Apart from this, you can also watch video tutorials to resolve the issues you faced. Apart from this, you can also follow different forums and FAQ section to resolve the queries on your own!

How Do I Get Started with Pinpointe?

Pinpointe requires you to create an account first. Make sure you register for a new account by entering your personal information on the sign-up page. You can test out all the features and tools of this email campaigning tool for free with its 30 days of a free trial version.

Note: The free version comes with some limitations and you will not be able to use some premium features with the free trial period of the tool.

When you logged in, you will see a simple interface of the tool where all the useful tools and features are enlisted there. As per your needs, you can start using these tools and features.

To start the first campaign, just go to the main page and hover over to the Email Campaigns option, select New Campaign option from the drop-down menu.

The next page will show you two different email campaign editors from which you can select the one which is suitable for you to handle. You can test out both of them one by one.

Now, you will see hundreds of readymade email campaign templates. Make sure you select the suitable template according to your needs. You can explore the different categories from the left sidebar and can view how the template will look like in the right window. Click on to Select button to launch the template in the editor window.

There you go! Your first Email Campaign’s email composing Window is here. You can keep a suitable name to your first campaign and can add all the other useful information about this tool in the respective fields given. It’s an advanced editor that lets you make use of hundreds of basic tools and some advanced designing and animations options.

If you closely look at the sidebar, you would be able to see a number of other options that lets you add a custom survey, inserting of form, inserting of the social widget and many other more. You can also modify your texts from the same readymade tools given there. It’s a simple drag and drop editor allows you to add items and widgets from the sidebar to the main email.

Once you are done with your email, you can simply click the Save button to save your campaign. You can also click the Preview button to see how your email will look like.

Apart from this, during the time of the Campaign, you can also make use of various other features. It lets you add multiple users to a campaign. You can also invite your friends and colleagues to work together on a specific campaign.

The existing users can have their own multiple accounts each with a few hundreds of thousands of contacts. There is a special section where the user can add a new user or can create a team within the platform.

You can use specialized tools such as auto batch, predictive send, time travel and many other more while launching your campaign. Make sure you use all these features while launching your campaign.


Since different enterprises have different requirements, the pricing of this tool is based on the number of contacts that you will use for your campaign. All the details about the pricing plans are given below:


Pinpointe is an excellent and feature-rich email marketing or email campaigning tool available for the users of all types. No matter whether you are an individual or a big enterprise with plenty of team members, Pinpointe helps you to start an effective email marketing campaign with real-time data of the recent campaign.

The platform comes with simple features and useful tools to make your campaign successful. The tool serves a user-friendly interface and packs with all the advanced tools to help you keep track of the campaign.