How to Choose Appliance Repair Dispatch Software

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When choosing the best appliance repair dispatch software, you may find yourself lost in a myriad of options available. To save you some time and help you choose the best one, here’s a post on what you need to look for and pay attention to in order to get the most for the money you pay.

What is appliance repair software?

Appliance repair software is a solution usually designed as a website or a mobile app that helps you run your business smoothly. With this kind of software, you are able to create schedules, check your leads, create invoices, and view customers’ history. Using this software means no more paperwork and all you used to write down now can be managed via this software.


An ideal appliance repair service software must offer an option to schedule your jobs and tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. These usually come in the form of a calendar with three dashboards that contain a drag-and-drop feature including colors for better organization and overview.

The software should contain features that will help you efficiently manage your workflow and save you time so you can focus on more important tasks. With a good scheduling feature, you’ll be able to check each job and a technician assigned to do the job. This helps to easily filter jobs by area and status.

Custom Fields

This option helps you add any extra information regarding each job; a dispatcher can easily send any tool needed for a job and also the right number of appliance repair technicians.

It provides full control of the details you want to share with your appliance repair team. You’ll be able to know the number of technicians needed for a job and supplies or parts needed to finish the job.

Customer Management

The customer management feature helps manage all customer information within the system. This option comes quite handy when you need to inform customers about their appliance repair services. You’re able to design custom email or SMS notifications for customers’ scheduled work, send SMS or email confirmations, and once the job is completed, the status gets automatically updated. With this feature, you can keep records of previous phone calls, invoices, and others.

Job history

This feature helps you keep track of all your customers’ information, their details, and previous services. You’ll have insight into the dates when the job was completed, the technician assigned, access calls and many other notes you decide to store before.

Call Tracking

Call tracking feature enables tracking of your job sources and leads, measuring your ROI so you can know which ad source you need to double down on and which one to cancel in order to boost your profit and business.


An ideal software solution will offer 24/7 support for all of its users. In case a technician has a problem, he/she should be able to get support via chat or a phone call. Some software solutions provide videos for most common problems; those videos are usually posted on YouTube or the provider’s website so technicians can first look for solutions there and if not found then use other options.