Why Timesheets are Still Important in 2020

Timesheets are a method used for recording the amount of time an employee has spent at work, and can even be broken down further into looking at the amount of time spent on a single project or task. This allows staff within the HR department to work out monthly pay and it can also be a good tool to see how productive a particular member of staff is.

Timesheets have started to fall out of favor in recent years, due to a popular view of how laborious it can be to control workers; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, timesheets can be a really useful part of HR as they can provide analytical data to improve the business and increase efficiency. Here’s why timesheets are still important today.

Can Identify Problem Areas

Detailed timesheets, meaning ones that can look at the time spent on each individual task, can be used to see how effective someone has been when completing a project. It gives analysts the ability to see when members of staff may be spending too much time on a single objective. This can signify two different things: one that the individual isn’t being as productive as they can due to a lack of engagement, or it could suggest that the person is struggling with the task.

Either way, by using timesheets to monitor productiveness, it gives HR analysts information so that they can make a suitable change, such as provide extra training to upskill employees so that the individual is more suited to the task. Or it allows them to build a better relationship with the employee to boost engagement.

Keeps Projects Organized

Timesheets can be a good way to organize tasks as you allocate a desired amount of time required to finish a project. This means that employees can have clear deadlines so that they can prioritize the right tasks. By having these deadlines, workers can be far more organized and are also encouraged to maintain an effective rate of work, which boosts productivity.

There have also been advancements in timesheet technology, such as the HR solutions from peoplexcd.com that provide alerts and reminders so that tasks can never be forgotten or ignored. This can make things even more efficient and hopefully increase profit for any business.

It’s Crucial for Remote Working

As a lot of the workforce has moved from office-based work to remote working in recent months, timesheets have become even more important tools as they can allow workers to stay connected with their employees. For those that work in a completely different setting to their bosses or clients, it can be difficult to know the exact amount of time spent on a single project.

Time tracking can be really helpful with this, and there’s plenty of software that track not only how long a piece has taken, but how active the person is during that time, by monitoring different inputs. This is even more critical for freelance workers and employers as they’ll be able to see clearly where their money goes as well as providing freelancers with accurate records of their work.