Download Clash of Lights Latest Apk 2020

Download Clash of lights latest APk 2020

As you all know, Gems are mandatory in the original Clash of Clans game if you wish to build an enormous and powerful army. You will get very few gems when you install the official game and sadly, you can’t buy enough things with few gems. You can do two things. Firstly, you can buy gems and gold by spending the money, or you need to wait for a long time to get this stuff, and that’s where Clash of Lights comes into play.

You can simply get these resources without any restriction by installing the Clash of lights. You will get all these resources in no time without spending a single penny.

Why should we use Clash of lights?

Clash of lights has many unique features and options which you will not get in the official game, but I would like to highlight some of them.

1 You can save the game at any point for whatever the reason and you can continue the game from where you left previously.

2 You will get unlimited gems, gold elixir and dark elixir without spending even a single penny.

3 You can use Self offence mode to finish your rivals with the help of Artificial intelligence.

4 Unlike other private servers, this server is fully secure.

Additional Information

Name of the App Clash of lights APK

Game type Strategy based game

Version 23.0-87(latest)

Size 136mb

Version of Android 4.O+

Salient Features

1. 100% uptime

2. Different environment

3. Gameplay is very different if we compare it with the official clash of clans.

4. Battles are quite different as compare to the official game.

5. 1v1 Battles

Clash of lights servers

Clash of lights S1

1 You will get many things here which you will not get in the original game at the start.

2 Army slots can be expanded to 600 soldiers

3 You have the freedom to make the dresses of troops by yourself.

Clash of lights S2

1 The main benefit of this server is the speed

2 Now, you can play the clash of clans without spending your hard-earned money.

3 You will get many gems, elixir and dark elixir immediately.

Clash of lights S3

1 There are no glitch or lag issues in this private server.

2 You can use this server on both android and ios devices

3 You can join the clan and can increase your loot by playing with them along with 1v1 battles

Clash of lights S4

1 The running tie of this server is 100%

2 Multiple gamers can play on this server simultaneously with any issue.

3 You can also build new characters.

Closing thoughts

Currently, many private servers are available, but the clash of lights is the best one. Majority of the gamers prefer the Clash of Light server. You can use the unlimited resources here in no time, and you don’t have to wait a lot like in the original game. They also update the severs quickly in weekly bases most of the time. So, what are you waiting for? Download the clash of lights apk file and start playing without any worries.

Moreover, if your game or server crashes at any time when you are playing, so don’t worry. It occurs when a large number of users play on the clash of lights server simultaneously. You can also check your internet speed to see if it is because of the speed of the internet or not,