Centrical – A Gamification Platform For Enterprises

Centrical is a gamification platform designed for sales, employee development and training, and customer service. It uses narrative-based gamification to empower individuals and teams and drive the desired behavior that leads towards success.

This platform helps engage employees and delivers analytical insights into the employees’ behaviors. Centrical is a platform easily implemented since it doesn’t require any coding and is also simple to use. The platform comes with ready to use wizards and templates.

Many brands and companies from all around the world use Centrical as it provides comprehensible calls to action, powerful game narrative, and user-friendly integrations across all platforms with no coding. Centrical provides an open, IT-friendly architecture, resulting in quick and simple to launch gamification projects.

How does it work?

With Centrical, businesses are able to monitor real-time data collected from their other apps, data such as KPIs of their employees. It then displays the data to all employees in real-time. Employees are able to have an insight into their past and current performance which helps them stay more focused and engaged.

This feedback, in combination with other game elements, strengthens and encourages employees’ focus and motivation. The Centrical platform also enables managers to assess KPIs to generate an overall result, share them with employees and measure them versus their past performance, their targets, and the performance of their coworkers.

What Centrical can boast about is its fusion of collaboration and e-learning; it suggests the best ways of learning for each employee and provides quizzes, simulations and micro-learning segments so employees can improve and strengthen their skills to boost their performance and productivity.

Learning is flexible and accessible; it allows its users to learn where and when they’re able to do so since the application is available on mobile platforms.

Centrical features

Centrical includes the following features:

  • Analytics
  • API
  • Collaboration Tools
  • CRM Integration
  • Dashboards
  • eCommerce Integration

Users’ experience

Centrical’s gamification platform is highly rated among its users. They praise its great interface which quickly shows all possibilities, its clear and colorful format makes it easy to read displayed information, and it runs smoothly on all computers.

Others stated that they found this platform very stimulating, dynamic, and intuitive, especially the monitoring of results, and immensely helpful for learning, as it shows all new information in real-time and it doesn’t feel like learning at all, but rather completing missions and challenges. With Centrical, they were able to personalize their nicknames and avatars, which brought some fun in their work environment.

Its customer support team is extremely supportive and committed, always on hand to help utilize the tools, build engagement, answer any question about the application, and explain some activities. They help in creating new activities with plug and play tools, templates, or customizing content. Most importantly, they listen to all suggestions, provide some of their own, and make the whole experience much better. Centrical helps its users customize their games that fit their needs.

Compared with Microsoft Dynamic, many state Centrical is a much better platform. They rarely report problems, there’s no lagging, it runs fast and smoothly.