What’s the Legend of the Dragon Balls?

What’s the Legend of the Dragon Balls?

The legend of the dragon balls is an exclusive episode (33) of the anime. It was aired in Japan on October 8, 1986. Furthermore, the English airdate was on February 15, 2002 according to the dragonball figures site. The episode before it is The Flying Fortress – Vanished!


Goku woke up from his slumber. He continued with his search for the dragon balls. He hovered around a forest before his stomach started rumbling for food. He then took a break from his search for the dragon balls to look for a snack tree to fill his hungry belly.

Upon sighting a fruit, he reached out for the consumable, but a monkey beat him to it. He went after the eager animal, however, stopped when he saw the monkey feeding her baby with the fruit.

There was an accident; the baby monkey was falling off the tree. The mother monkey tried to salvage the situation, but a panther invaded the scene. Goku gave it a good beating. The onlooking monkeys loved Goku’s act of bravery and concern, thus, compensated him with enough food. Having binged on that, Goku slept off. However, the animals accidentally found the Five-Star Dragon Ball located in a tree. Without realizing its value, they passed it around to catch fun as Goku slept off.

Colonel Silver at the Red Ribbon Army’s Office

During training at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, Colonel Silver combated four skilled boxers simultaneously. Defeating them was a breeze; his counterparts cheered him while he affirmed that he desired a more daring competition.

Colonel Silver was requested at the Red Ribbon Army’s office led by Commander Red. Unexpectedly, Red unleashed his favorite cat on him. Nonetheless, Silver was able to swerve on time but not without a little scratch on his cheek.

Red applauded his quick and confident response, noting that his latest victim before Silver had forfeited an eye, even suggesting that he ordered his execution for not quickly evading the cat. He further reassured Silver that he has what it takes to do well in the Red Ribbon Army. Silver expressed his pleasure to serve in the Army, while Red asserted that he’d serve it.

The Legend of the Dragon Balls

On the other hand, at Kame’s House, Krillin is with Master Roshi. He was observing his workout involving several push-ups using the turtles. After the exercise, Krillin and Launch sat down with Master Roshi, who decided to tell them the legend of the dragon balls. He revealed to those two that there was formerly one dragon ball formed by the gods, a single giant orb that could summon the wish-granting dragon. Thus the ball was the key to wishes coming true.

However, evil men sought after it for selfish reasons. Their search often led to wars. Upon seeing how unreasonable the people of the world became because of the dragon’s possessed quality, the gods divided it into seven different orbs.

When Master Roshi finished his short tale, the three discussed what they would have wished for using the original powerful dragon ball. Roshi seemed to be unsure of what he would have desired. Launch tried to help Roshi figure out his wish; he suggested a turtle shell, a massive island, or simply what wealth can’t buy; happiness and peace. Roshi voiced that he wouldn’t have made a wish but unknown to them, he would have wanted a glance at Launch’s panties. Krillin wouldn’t fall for Roshi pretentious lack of interest; he aptly surmised that he wouldn’t have had more than a perverted wish.

Goku and Colonel Silver

Through the Dragon Radar, Goku was able to see the Dragon Ball drifting away after his sleep. All the while, the Red Ribbon Army was in search of the Dragon Ball. Silver commanded his soldiers to look for the ball within the region, expressing that he couldn’t care less if the forest was burnt down or shoveled, as far as they get him his treasured desire.

The soldiers realized that it was with the monkeys. Consequently, Silver commanded his squad to burn down the forest and even kill the monkeys. Colonel Silver’s terrible and selfish utterances enraged Goku. Hence, he popped out of the forest to attack them. As they fought, Colonel Silver had inquired from his soldiers about the whereabouts of the Dragon Ball. They had responded unfavorably.

Upon beating his opponents, Goku progressed to destroying a tank with a huge rock. Thereafter, Colonel Silver plus a soldier met with Goku, who then recalled that Silver was the individual who attacked the Ox-King. In a ridiculing tone, Silver promised to murder Goku. However, he didn’t flinch; instead, he expressed that he wasn’t scared of Silver.

Coincidentally, the mother monkey and her little monkey withholding the Dragon Ball came by. To regain the Ball, Colonel Silver collected a rifle from his soldier and shot at the branch the mother monkey was settling on. This action caused both monkeys to almost fall into a ravine. Thankfully, Goku grabbed the mother monkey by her tail, rescuing both monkeys. Sadly, the Dragon Ball fell into the river floating downstream.


Dragon Radar

Bulma, the exceptional scientist, was the brain behind the compact Dragon Radar. She built the invention so that the Dragon Balls could be found. However, Bulma’s Dragon Radar wasn’t the only one of its kind in the series. Red Ribbon Army and Emperor Pilaf had similar radars that predated the encounter between Goku and Bulma. The Dragon Radar could sense the electromagnetic pulse coming from Dragon Balls.

Bulma’s Dragon Radar uses arrows to point at the paths of any Dragon Balls within its vicinity. The clicking of the knob atop the instrument enlarges the area’s view.

In exceptional scenarios, the Dragon Radar may fail to sense the Dragon Balls. We could see this when Emperor Pilaf’s radar couldn’t find the Dragon Balls because they were hidden inside a metal.


A tank is a greatly armored, nearly indestructible vehicle used as a weapon of war. The Red Ribbon Army Saga introduced tanks as the army had a couple of tanks at their reach. During their quest for the Dragon Balls, Colonel Silver’s army used tanks to destroy cities. We can see this during the attacks on Ox-King’s village on Fire Mountain and Pilaf’s Flying Fortress. In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, we can see the Red Ribbon Army Tanks sitting idly.

The Earth’s Military also used tanks to attack adversaries. The vessels were used against King Piccolo. Much later, against Cell. The said Tanks utilized by Earth’s Military looked like the M60 Patton.

The legend of the dragon balls chronicles the genesis of the dragon balls as detailed by Master Roshi. However, there are other narratives, too about the origin of the dragon balls.