Do Customers Trust Closed Review Platforms?

Do Customers Trust Closed Review Platforms?

Closed review platforms versus open review platforms: which do customers trust more? Leading customer review and insight platform Feefo asked 2,000 UK consumers this very question and a whole host of others to better understand how they think and behave across their online purchase journeys. 

Open review platforms can sometimes incite disingenuous or manipulated reviews because reviews can be left by anyone. However, closed review platforms operate on an invite-only basis which ensures that only authentic customer feedback is collected. It’s no wonder then that the 64% of consumers who trust review websites in 2020 are 49% more likely to trust closed platforms over open ones.

Businesses should not be afraid to reach out to their customers for feedback on products, service and customer experience. Being open to all feedback with a view to continuous improvement across the business is the marker of a modern, successful business. After all, the results found that 72% of customers have left a review for a product or service they have purchased in the last 12 months. This shows that the appetite is there for customers to give their feedback – an appetite that businesses should make the most of (if they aren’t already).

Inviting customers to leave reviews opens the lines of communication between a business and its most valuable asset, its customers. Negative feedback should be approached in a positive manner, with businesses ready to learn and take actionable insights from the responses they receive and responding politely to customers.

Feefo’s Head of Digital Richard Tank says ‘Consumer confidence and trust is essential to developing an online business that grows, and lasts….brands small and large must do everything they can to build relationships with their customers, to ensure they keep coming back for more.’

Reaching out to customers for reviews shows a willingness to help and improve as a business – something that could help to convert potential customers into loyal ones. Similarly, good customer reviews demonstrate trust and credibility, which helps to support new customers in their researching stage of the online shopping journey.

With feefo’s research discovering that 30% of consumers will switch to a competitor after just one bad experience, be mindful that asking for reviews can help to prevent this – allowing businesses the chance to make their customers feel heard and validate their feedback, whilst also giving the opportunity to fix the bad experience that might ruin their loyalty.


How do consumers think and behave across the purchase journey? [Infographic]