AudFree Review – The Best Audio Converter Software Provider

Do you like to play with audio? Want to get music from popular music streaming platforms? Here AudFree brings a bunch of tools that will help to download music, convert music and use this music for several purposes. AudFree offers four excellent tools that can make your music collection rich.

We all enjoy Spotify music, but sometimes it isn’t delightful. Because we can’t play it on any other device or use the music for other purposes. Here is why we have found a solution to this. The key to this magic is AudFree. It is software that helps in dealing with online music smoothly. It has a lot to offer you other than downloading Spotify music.


AudFree offers four tools to play with music. All these four tools are designed for different purposes, and you should have the subscription to use these tools. Let’s move on to the first tool.

Spotify Music Converter: If you are a paid user or a free user of Spotify music, you can enjoy 35 million audio tracks within the app. Even if you download the song, you can only play them within the app. This is why Spotify Music Converter is designed. With this tool, you can download the music and play it through a common audio player app. You will convert the tracks in MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, M4A, M4B format. This conversion does not affect the sound quality. You will enjoy the same music without any hassle.

Tidal Music Converter: You must enjoy fantastic music as a Tidal subscriber. If you want to use Tidal Music outside the app, you have the music converter from AudFree. You can convert the audio in different formats like FLAC, AAC, MP3, WAV, etc. You can use the track on different audio players. The music can also be used for other purposes. You can use the music on any device and any common audio playback apps. Tidal music is more customized for windows OS. The tool runs smoothly on windows OS and also in Mac OS. Reach out to AudFree for availing of these benefits. The conversion speed of the tool is five times more than any other app. So now you can download and convert the audio files seamlessly. The downloaded track is of superior quality. In terms of Tidal music, the downloaded music is of Tidal Hifi quality. You can be assured of good quality music to play on any device.

Audio Converter: The best way to enjoy music is to have it in a universal format. You can play it on any device and through any software, which is why AudFree brings you the Audio Converter tool. With this tool, you can convert any audio file to a universal format or specific formats like FLAC, AAC, MP3, WAV, etc. You can convert from audiobooks, podcasts, Apple Music, iTunes, and more. This tool helps to extract audio clips from any audio file which is available online. After converting the audio file, you can enjoy the audio on multiple devices and share the audio with others.

Audio Capture for Windows: If you want to record some audio playing on your Windows desktop or laptop, this tool from AudFree can help you out. With Audio Capture, you can record any audio playing on the device. It can be any natural sound, dialogues of a movie, an exclusive app music, and more. But don’t forget this tool is designed for personal use only. The amazing fact is that you can download audio from live music, radio, and much more. With this tool, video and audio editors can enjoy great benefits. Nowadays, there is a trend of recording short videos on different songs and dialogues. This tool can help to make those videos.

Why chose AudFree?

  • The tools are designed for both Windows and Mac OS, so you need not worry about the device you have now.
  • The subscription charges are pocket friendly comparing to the service you will get through the tools.
  • These tools give you legal access to download or convert these files.
  • AudFree is easy to use and also the best for personal use.

Subscription fees

  • If you want to subscribe to the Spotify Music Converter tool, you can now subscribe by paying $14.95 only. This is the cheapest purchase among all AudFree tools.
  • You can subscribe to the Tidal Music Converts in exchange for $39.95 only. Depending upon the service you get, the price is reasonable.
  • At the same price point of $39.95, you can subscribe to the Audio Converter tool.
  • If you want to record any audio from the current playing audio, you will need this audio capture tool. Get the subscription now for $29.95 only.

Bottom line

To cope up with recent trends, you can enjoy using these tools from AudFree. These tools are convenient to use and easy to download. You can go through the user guide at AudFree’s official website to know more about the process. Visit the website now and enjoy subscribing to these tools and avail the benefits. The tools are well designed and easy to use in windows and Mac OS. But these tools are used for desktop or laptop only. Other than that, there is no restrictions for using these tools. It’s time to enjoy the facilities of these tools and enjoy music from multiple apps without internet or in-app services.