7 Computer Essentials You Need


It’s something that many of us do when we get a new cellphone.

We don’t just walk out of the store with a fresh phone in hand. Rather, we walk out with a new phone, its best case, a glass screen protector, and Bluetooth headphones, among other things. We need all the accessories that come with a phone—some for fun, some for a purpose.

Having a computer is like that, too. It would help if you had certain computer essentials to make the computer itself even better. That’s why the global computer accessories market size is expected to reach a record high of $2.86 billion by 2024.

Whether you realize it or not, the odds are good that your computer situation could use a serious upgrade. Having the right computer accessories means a smoother, more positive interaction that’s optimized for your convenience.

Keep reading as we highlight the top tools to consider investing in.

1. Bluetooth Headphones

Do you use your computer to watch YouTube videos, movies, Netflix, have Zoom meetings, or play games?

No matter what you’re using your computer for, Bluetooth headphones ensure that you hear everything—and that outside sounds won’t distract you. This becomes especially handy during video conferences or when you’re playing a game online with other players.

There are several types of headphones, so do your research! There are noise-canceling, earbuds, and traditional headphones, to name a few. Each kind has certain perks and features.

2. A High-Caliber Webcam

Many computers and laptops are sold with built-in webcams that leave much to be desired. Sure, they get the job done, but they’re nothing to write home about.

Let’s say you’re an actress that does virtual auditions; you wouldn’t want anything but the best to convey you and your set. Perhaps you film yourself for your YouTube channel or podcast. If you’re someone who relies on taking high-quality video regularly, this is an update you’ll want to think about making.

3. A Wireless Mouse

You may have noticed a lack of USB ports on your computer, prompting you to wonder about the best Bluetooth mouse for Mac. Where the heck is the port for your wired mouse? If you’re still attached to this piece of ancient tech, you might want to start weaning yourself off. Many newer computers, like Macs, no longer have the USB port that allows for a wired mouse to connect.

So, you’d have no choice but to go for a wireless option—but why wouldn’t you? They’re endlessly flexible and convenient and have as much mousing power as you’d imagine.

Wireless mouses come in all shapes and sizes, so consider your computer usage. Is it professional or gamer-friendly? The answer to this question will likely inform your decision of what type to get.

4. An External Hard Drive 

External or portable hard drives provide users with tons of benefits. Using one, you’ll get:

  • Enhanced security, as your important files will be off your internal hard drive and less prone to hacking
  • An astonishing amount of additional space, perfect for photos, videos, or entire workstations
  • Redundancy of your important documents, offering peace of mind in case something happens to your computer
  • Portability and compatibility across several computer brands

If you’re noticing a lack of storage within your current set-up, there’s no need to go on a deleting spree (unless, of course, you need to). Instead, buy an external hard drive and enjoy the additional space.

5. A Better-Quality Microphone

There’s an argument to be made for microphones as being just as important as a quality webcam or wireless headphones.

That’s because microphones serve the same purpose—to make your computer experience better. Whether you’re recording a podcast, speaking to fellow gamers, hosting a virtual class, or attending one—a microphone elevates it.

6. A Surge Protector

Surge protectors are a no-brainer. They offer easy, affordable protection for your computer and anything else plugged into the strip. Random power spike damage or severe weather could mean the difference between a working computer and a fried one.

Another bonus of having a surge protector is the convenience of more outlets. Plus, certain brands even offer a warranty on your items up to a certain dollar amount if they still get damaged while connected to their protector. That’s a great deal!

7. A New Monitor

It seems that everyone is over the whole one-monitor display. Everywhere you look, your friends and family are working or playing on two screens at once—and rather than being overwhelming, they sincerely promise that it’s the best update they’ve ever made.

If you’re curious about the addition of another monitor, we implore you to explore that urge.

Having another monitor makes your work a breeze. You can keep separate tabs open on different screens, keeping your organization in check. You can have music or videos playing on one and schoolwork going on on the other. If this doesn’t make you more productive, what will?

Plus, everything you do will look drastically different—in a good way. The quality of new monitors means your experience will be clearer, more immersive, and versatile.

Computer Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you go too long with certain computer tools, you truly won’t know what you’re missing.

Every time you sit down to work, check your email, edit photos, or Google something, your experience could be better. These computer essentials are worth considering whether that’s the flexibility of a wireless mouse or the depth of volume of Bluetooth headphones. This is especially true for people who use their computers often.

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