AudKit Tidizer Music Converter Review

Audkit Tidizer Music Converter Review

Listening to great quality music over streaming websites or apps is fine until you are online. What if you want it to listen offline? Have you found a way? Here I came to know about AudKit Tidal Music Converter. It is an amazing software that has helped me download the tidal tracks and convert them into my preferred format. Seems interesting, right? Here you have all the information that I have experienced, and you can enjoy it too.

What is Tidizer Music converter?

It is a music converter specially for Tidal music. We all know the quality of Tidal music, and we want the same to be in our system. This software will help you download the music tracks from tidal and then convert them to a supported file in your system. Most of the desktop or laptop supports music files of MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A, etc. This music converter will help you to convert the tidal music into these formats.

What is more exciting in the AudKit Tidizer music converter?

Several other music converters may do similar works, but Tidizer has something special for all.

  • First of all, the conversion process is superfast. It works five times faster than other software. You can quickly convert a lot of music tracks through the Tidizer music converter.
  • This software does not allow any quality loss. Suppose you convert through this software; you will get amazing quality results after conversion. This software performs a lossless process, which makes it more exciting for us.
  • You can download the file and play it on your device. When you can listen to the same quality music on your device without any internet connection, you feel the best. Isn’t it interesting? The software allows you to download and convert the file to carry the file on other devices and play without the internet.
  • The best part of using the Tidizer music converter is that it is user-friendly. It does not have any hard steps that you won’t be able to operate. There is no need to be a tech genius to go through the process and convert your favorite tracks in MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A. Everyone can use it without any problem. The process is easy to follow. If you don’t believe then check it out now – If you are a Windows user or a Mac user, don’t worry, this tidal music converter is designed for Windows OS and Mac OS both. Enjoy your music on any device.

Since we are talking about the easy conversion process, you must know why it thinks it easy.

Before you go through conversion, you will have to download the software so that it works seamlessly. Here is how you can download the software.

How to download AudKit Tidizer Music Converter?

  • At first, you will go to the website and download the file of the tidal music converter. For your ease, here is the link to download
  • Once you have completely downloaded the software, then the second process is to register your account. You can access the registration process through the menu bar. Make sure you create the account and make it activate to enjoy the benefit of this converter.

Well, that is all before you start the conversion process. You need to download the software and then proceed with your account to perform the conversions. Now you will know the actual conversion process.

How to convert Tidal music with AudKit Tidizer Music Converter?

  • At first, you will add the track or playlist on the tidizer music converter. You will click on share and then copy the link to the track or playlist to perform this. Then come to the converter software and click on the “+” button and add the music.
  • To proceed with the conversion process, click on the menu bar and select preferences. Then click on conversion so that the software is ready to complete the process. Once you click on the conversion, you will get options to set the output format and channels. Make sure you set the right format which can be played on your device.
  • By default, the conversion speed for windows is 5X and for Mac is 1X. While setting the output format and other customizations, you can change the speed and get the output on time.
  • Once all customizations are done, you can click on the convert tab and start converting.
  • Once the conversion is done, a red dot will appear on the converted files. Then you can enjoy the files without the internet.
  • To locate the file source, you can search it from the search bar and then save it in your preferred location.

Isn’t it easy and quick to perform such a big task? Now you can enjoy the tidal music on your device without the use of the internet.

How to buy the software?

Buying the software has several packages; you will buy it depending on your requirement.

If you plan to buy the software for a few tracks and the software will not be used for more than a month, you should get the monthly package of $14.95. This purchase will allow you to use all features for a month. Though the packages have auto-renewal features, you can discontinue the service anytime.

If you plan to purchase the software for a lifetime and use it only on one device, go for the $39.95 package. It will allow you to access the software from one device only.

If you plan to use it on more than one device, then go for the $49.95 plan. It allows you to use the software on 2-5 devices for a lifetime. Enjoy the support and updates in all plans; for more, please visit AudKit Website.