5 Pieces of Software That You Should Learn to Use

Computers are exceptional items and, in many ways, they can change your life for the better. One of the most incredibly interesting things that your computer can do for you is offer you access to a myriad of different types of software. Software can do amazing things if you know how to use it. Below is a list of incredibly useful software that you should probably learn to use, because they are awesome.

1. CCleaner

Did you know that computers produce a lot of useless garbage? It is true; while running, your computer will produce an enormous quantity of irrelevant temporary files that will build up over time and eventually start to slow your computer down. Fortunately, there are applications like CCleaner which help to deal with this particular problem. This handy-dandy tool will search through your computer and get rid of anything and everything that you do not need, which will majorly speed up your computer if you have not done it yet and help to keep your PC running at optimal speed.

2. Excel

This is one of those pieces of software that have stood the test of time and proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are incredibly useful. Excel is almost ubiquitously used and, honestly, it is not hard to see why. From managing finances to sorting through seemingly endless data, the Microsoft excel function list seems to go on and on. Not only is it undeniably useful, but it is widely regarded as such too, which means that being skilled in Excel is going to open up doors for you even as you are able to use its functionality for yourself.

3. Discord

Online communication has been the name of the game for the last year or so and that means that simple, easy-to-use video chatting services are really useful, which is why Discord is really something you should know about. Designed for use in recreational online gaming, this wonderful software allows you to share video, chat and share screens with incredibly large groups of people. The software works as an instant messaging service, voice chat and collaboration platform and allows you to host as many distinct servers for separate groups of people as you like.

4. 7-Zip

Being able to compress several files into one compacted file is an incredibly useful tool, as is the ability to extract such files again when you receive them from someone else. This is why 7-zip is an amazing tool that you should absolutely consider using. This wonderful piece of software allows you to compress your folders into a single small file for quick transfer of files to other users and even allows you to encrypt your files for added security.

5. Python

In simple terms, learning python will open up near limitless possibilities to you in terms of useful software development. If you ever find yourself in need of a specific and specialized piece of software, rather than attempting to find it online, you could simply create it yourself. Additionally, while it may take a while to learn python, you open the door to so much more versatility in the use of your PC than you would have ever believed possible before.