iFun Screen Recorder: A Simple Screen Recorder For You

Are you uninterested in checking out a screen recorder that doesn’t include their watermark in recorded videos? Your search ends here. Here we would like to bring you a screen recorder which allows you to record your screen without their logos included, in top quality for free of charge. 1.Main Interface.png 1.png

iFun Screen Recorder allows its users not only to record their videos but also comes within built editing options. Users can now trim and edit the videos with none problem. It’s a free screen recorder which may run over programs supported by Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista.

It also features a screenshot feature which allows capturing any screen thus removing barriers of applications which don’t have permission to try to so. Users often encounter screens which they want to capture like while watching Netflix, they need to capture a scene or their favorite dialogue but aren’t ready to roll in the hay. iFun Screen Recorder takes the specified screenshots anywhere anytime.

It’s not only useful for taking screenshots and recording the favorite parts of a video but also allows to record voices alongside it. If an individual wants to deliver lectures while recording a video and scrolling through the documents, they will roll in the hay by using this online screen recorder. It allows clicking animation and highlights the cursor where required to form it easy for the viewers to know.

People who are using social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and run their pages for business purposes can benefit a lot by this software. It allows users to share their videos instantly after recording. Another attraction about this application is that it allows various video formats like Mp4, FlV, AVI, etc.

Uninterrupted and stable video quality is ensured thanks to the adoption of GPU hardware acceleration technology. It allows the moving graphics to be recorded efficiently unlike some applications where the cursor gets stuck or the entire video gets stuck.

Sometimes, applications are not user friendly and are difficult to handle. iFun Screen Recorder has simple features and offers a user friendly manual to follow. There are not any limitations on the timing of recordings so people can record long videos without issues and thus may be a valuable product for people that want to present their lectures for online purposes like presentations, meetings and conferences.

While recording their lectures, they will also speak into the video or they will play a particular audio or video which gets recorded into it. It allows users to record through the speaker and microphone of the device.


The basic features which it provides include:

1. Screen recording

2. Screen capture or screenshot

3. No time limitation for recording

4. No watermark included in videos

5. GPU hardware acceleration technology is included

6. Allows a good range of video formats like Mp4, FlV etc

7. Allows cursor indication

8. Allows voice recording via speaker and microphone

9. Inbuilt editing options (trim, split etc)

10. Direct share on social media platforms

11. User friendly manual


iFun Screen Recorder has many user friendly options which permit a simple access to them with none need of experience . It provides screen recording and screen capturing options with none limit on time duration. It’s an application which is liberal to use and doesn’t include their watermark while recording.

It supports a good range of video formats and cursor indication is additionally included. an individual can record stable videos thanks to GPU hardware acceleration technology alongside their audio and may share it instantly on any social media platform they require. Before it gets shared, the appliance also allows making some amendments via editing tools.