This Is How Smoke Extractor Fan Reduce Fire Hazards


Smoke extractors have been used in public buildings for many years as a way to reduce the potential fire hazards of smoking. Now their use is becoming more widespread, particularly in schools where promoting health has taken on new importance. Frequently cited by experts as an extremely effective way to fight the fire threat caused by smoking, these devices are capable of quickly eliminating, or at least reducing, large amounts of smoke.


The number one danger in most public buildings are the effects of fire. A small flame can easily get out of control very quickly and turn into a raging inferno. Fire alarms are invaluable for stopping this from happening but they do not help to clear the air once it has become filled with smoke.

Smoke extractor fan – more commonly known as smoke exhaust systems or smoke attenuators – work in an entirely different way. Rather than sounding the alarm, these units (which are usually battery-powered) simply suck up large amounts of air and remove it from the premises, taking the smoke with them.


The speed at which smoke extractors can sweep out air is exceptional; most units are capable of removing at least 500 cubic meters per hour. But the benefit they bring is not just about speed, it’s also about safety – particularly when trying to stop smoking-related fires from breaking out.

A single unit fitted directly above a cigarette or cigar will immediately start to reduce the amount of smoke getting inside. With enough devices installed in strategic locations, the entire area will become free of smoke within seconds.

The benefits are clear – smoking schools not only get rid of potentially dangerous cigarette fumes but also create a kinder, healthier environment that students are likely to enjoy spending time in. But while it might be easy to argue the case for smoke extractors in schools designed to encourage non-smokers, it can be a bit more difficult when trying to make the same argument in smoking homes.

In many cases parents feel that they have every right to allow their children freedom of choice – and this applies just as much when it comes to allowing your children to smoke. But perhaps the price you pay for your stubbornness is their increased risk of falling seriously ill or even dying in a smoking-related fire. With this in mind, if you are still not convinced about installing smoke extractors, consider the potential impact on your insurance policy.

As laws become more stringent and public buildings start to insist that homes do the same, this could prove to be a very costly mistake. If you feel that your current fire alarm alone is not providing adequate protection and you need to take further precautions, smoke extractors might just be the answer.


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