Welcome, The curiosity to know the unknown is what made you come here. The Viral Huts is a tiny speck of dust in the universe started out in a small room with a group of 5 people to deliver top filtered stories for our youth. We do soul searching every now and then to make sure that best and latest news reaches out our Youth. When you sit back, relax and think of going through your messages to get entertained however it does not entices you. On the other hand you accidentally land onto The Viral Huts  and find more entertainment, what people are saying, what’s worth knowing, trying on, eating and watching.

We present the Latest Bollywood News, Sports News, Fashion Blog, Food Blog, Health & Technology to our Youth. We’re your best friend, and we’re never too tired to go out and share insights and breaking stories. Propelling business by providing bespoke and industry specific reports that fill age old knowledge gaps. Sometimes answering questions you didn’t know you needed to ask! At The Youth Magazine, we strongly believe that stories are powerful and that it can be used to inspire, thrill, entertain and educate. So we craft and hand pick beautiful stories relevant to the Indian audience and gives you the complete Viral Huts

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