Guest Posting Guidelines

We accept original, well researched, and high-quality content. Once you submit your content for publishing to TechSightings, our editors will review it to ensure that it is in line with our publishing policy. Key areas to consider when writing include:

  • Original content: All your content must be original and free of plagiarism. We do not publish content that has been published on other websites.
  • Grammar: Check your content for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors before submitting them.
  • Word count: We publish posts ranging from 500 words to 2,500 words. The number of words in a post will be determined by the complexity of its subject matter.
  • Photos: Attach high-resolution photographs that should be posted along with your article. We prefer photos in JPEG, PNG and GIF format.
  • Tone: Article tone may range from casual to professional tone. Whichever tone you choose for your post, ensure that it remains consistent throughout the post. An informal tone is preferable for blog-like articles while a formal tone for tutorials and technical posts.
  • Document format: We accept guest posts in the format of Microsoft word document or Google documents.
  • Title, headlines, and subheading: Include a catchy heading for your post. Breakdown the article into smaller sections with headlines and subheadings.

Ensure that your article is in line with our guest post guidelines provided above. Carefully proofread the article and send a final draft along with images to us. When sending the final draft include a 40-50 words short author’s bio.

How to submit your guest post

To submit a post to, email us your article to

Our editors will review the article to assess whether it is in line with our scope of content and if it will be relevant to the audience. We will then send you feedback on your pitch.

Our team will review the final draft and give you feedback for revisions. If approved, we will schedule your post for publishing.

Note: TechSightings reserves the right to edit the article to make it suitable for our audience. We make deliberate efforts to ensure that articles published on our website are not reproduced by other authors.

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