List of Amazing American Presidents

4.John F. Kennedy

american presidents

John F. Kennedy is the is the 35th U.S President from January 1961.He  is commonly referred to by his initials JFK.The smoothie from Massachusetts “was certainly cool in terms of charisma and demeanor,” Zelizer says. The stark contrast between Kennedy and Richard Nixon between 1960 debates “might have set the standard for what it meant to be cool.”

5.Thomas Jefferson

american presidents

He is 3rd U.S president and also elected the 2nd Vice President of America. and elected third president of U.S in 1800.
The polymath from Virginia “was cool in the beginning of the new republic,” Whitney says. “He broke with the distinguished customs of his ancestors,George Washington and John Adams, and presented the progressive republican welcome from France — the hand shake — to welcome visitors to Monticello and the White House. Very hip in his day, he was an eminent artist and rich artist with whom ladies began to look all starry eyed at.”