Donald Trump’s Whole Infrastructure Plan Is a ‘Scam’ : Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan was called a “scam” by Bernie Sanders. A Scam that only helps large companies and Wall Street billionaires.Trump’s plan gives giant tax credits for private companies that invest in projects.

Lowering the cost of financing the project significantly. Sanders took issue with the tax loopholes afforded by the plan.

“Trump would allow corporations that have stashed their profits overseas to pay just a fraction of what the companies owe in federal taxes,” he wrote. “And then he would allow the companies to “invest” in infrastructure projects in exchange for even more tax breaks. Trump’s plan is corporate welfare coming and going.”

Sanders noted infrastructure in the U.S. is in great need of repair, and wrote that he would reintroduce the Rebuild America Act, which calls for the investment of $1 trillion over five years.

Others from the Democratic party, like Sen. Chuck Schumer,have said infrastructure is one legislative area where they can work with Trump.

“Surprisingly, on certain issues, candidate Trump voiced very progressive and populist opinions,” Schumer said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “For instance, getting rid of the carried interest loophole, changing our trade laws dramatically, a large infrastructure bill.”