5 Data Solutions for Businesses

In the modern world, data solution has become a vital part of the business society. For a company to remain competitive in the market, it has to be able to manage its data. This is essential due to numerous cyber crimes in the modern world. Apart from that, many companies have a lot of data which need to be managed properly. The numerous data is used by the management of various aspects of the company. These include; predicting future growth, paying and upgrading human capital, profit projection and for filing tax returns among others. This is why the law requires that a company must manage its data so that it can be retrieved when the need arises.

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5 Data Solutions for Businesses

There are numerous data solution services on the internet today. Both physical and cloud-based data solutions have come to try and grab the opportunity to offer data solutions service to companies. However, for a company to choose the best solution provider, it has to consider some aspects. These include; cost, connectivity scalability and customer support among others. For physical data solution providers such as ResoluteTS managed IT services, you have to consider location and reliability. Consider the following business data solutions.

  1. Informatica data solutions

This company provides cloud-based data solution for companies. It has been in operation for more than 2 decades hence it’s reliable. This solution is suitable for both medium and large enterprises due to its superb customer service. Its products include paid and free app to help a company in all data management. Also, it provides services such as customer support and training.

  1. CorKat data solutions

It is one of the best cloud-based data solutions. CorKat provides services to almost all parts of the world as long as there is internet coverage. These service range from data storage, data security, and data retrieval. This service is easily configurable and has high security hence reliable. It has an around the clock customer service which means you can access their services as well as your stored data any time you want.

  1. ClearStory data solutions

This is one of the best big data solutions for small companies that have huge data. They provide data analysis by combining both internal and external data. This company can also provide department specific data to help a company make informed decisions.

  1. Data solutions international

It is one of the safest and reliable data solutions for both small and big businesses. Mostly, it deals with application and software. This means that it can provide both physical and cloud-based data solutions.

  1. Sentinel data solutions

It was founded in 2008 as Dorset data solution then changed to Sentinel data solutions in 2016.This Company provides both IT infrastructure as well as cloud-based data solutions. Also, it provides a variety of IT services which include; cyber security, web hosting, email and server service, web design, hardware repair and network and CCTV infrastructure.

From the study above, it’s clear that for any company to succeed, it needs a clear reliable data solution. It is therefore important for a company to analyze its strengths and weaknesses before settling on any data solution provider.