Don’t Let iPhone Envy Ruin Your Handset

Do you feel like a loser whenever you text on your iPhone 7? It’s easy to feel a serious case of iPhone envy when the rest of the world is talking about the iPhone X this holiday. (And that’s a Roman numeral 10, by the way, not the kind of ‘ex’ you avoid on Valentine’s Day). However you choose to say it, the 10th anniversary iPhone has taken the tech world hostage. Between its AR capabilities and Face ID, its new features boost its cool factor, making it the Lamborghini of handsets.

Don’t let yourself believe the iPhone 7 is the smartphone equivalent of the mini van — even for a second. It’s still an amazing piece of technology that’s worthy of its place in your hand. If you still need to be convinced, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be embarrassed to keep your 7.

It’s still selling like crazy

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Sure, Apple recently released its iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X — all of which are capable of projecting cutesy Snapchat filters — but not everyone is taken in by their ability to apply an animated unicorn emoji to their selfie. If you’ve seen the the guys from Silicon Valley react to the X’s debut, then you know what we’re talking about.

It turns out, most people share the same apathetic reaction as Richard and Dinesh. Recent data reveals the iPhone 7, first released in 2016, is outselling the iPhone 8. The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) estimates the 7-series accounts for 81 percent of all iPhone sales completed in the US. It’s fair to say it’s on many Christmas lists around the world this holiday!

It’s not super outdated

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It may not be the newest handset on the block, but it isn’t an antiquated smartphone. Barely over a year old, the 7-series isn’t too far behind Apple’s flagship. It comes equipped with an A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture and an M10 motion coprocessor, making it one of the fastest handsets in the world. Its dual-lens 12MP camera takes beautiful photographs, and its HD wide color display shows them (and any videos) in stunning clarity.

If that isn’t enough, it’s one of the generations compatible with the iOS 11 refresh, so you can nab some of the X’s visual changes for the 7. You’ll get a simplified control center that collects all the typical functions in a clean, minimalist panel that’s easier to navigate. The same streamlining effects combines the notification and lock screens, so it’s easier to check on your phone.

It makes even bigger changes to its apps. iOS 11 reduces the space pictures and videos take up and improves the effects available to live photos. You’ll also find changes to iMessage that allow you to send cash to other people through Apple pay.

Though they may seem slight, these changes can inject a sense of novelty to your phone. You’ll need some time to explore all the changes offered in the new OS, just like if you had to acquaint yourself with a new phone. Just one download makes your 7 feel brand new without any of the cost.

It’s still cool

If you’ve had an iPhone 7 since day one, then you may be bored with your phone. It could even look a little rough around the edges. For those of you who you opted for the Jet Black finish, infamous for attracting every smudge and scratch, there’s no doubt your 7’s looking a little troubled.

Even though you opted to skip the iPhone X, your iPhone 7 doesn’t have to look its age. You can cover up cosmetic damages and reinvent its image with a simple iPhone 7 decal. Also known as wraps or skins, these apply much like a sticker but with two major differences. One: there’s no gloopy, permanent adhesives, so you can peel it off whenever you want to without damaging your phone. Two: you can get skins for your favorite devices (not just the 7) to show off customized styles like dragon skin and carbon fiber as it camouflages damage on any of your tech.

It has Touch ID

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As an Apple fan, you’re no stranger to saying goodbye to beloved hardware with each new generation. With the 7, you bid adieu to the headphone jack. It doesn’t matter how many tears you shed in its absence, it doesn’t compare to the X’s lack of Touch ID.

Apple replaced the much-loved home button for a biometric face scanner in its Face ID. Before you unlock the phone, you need to let its scanners read your face. On the surface this might not seem like a bad idea, but it brings up concerns about security and privacy. Some people worry this feature could be exploited by police and law enforcement. Others worry about the implications that your iPhone (and Apple, by proxy) saves your biometric data somewhere. Though the Cupertino-based company promises your face is protected by its Secure Enclave, many believe the data collected in each scan may be sold to third-party companies for advertising or identification purposes.

The bottom line?

You don’t need the latest iPhone to feel like a boss with a smartphone. Your “old” iPhone 7 is one of the top handsets in the world, so don’t let iPhone envy force you into upgrading and wasting a grand of your hard-earned money. With age comes wisdom, so embrace your older generation and be smart about your mobile tech.