Use of Technology In The Classroom

Use of Technology In The Classroom: The old memories of the classroom from our childhood days recall the images of dusty blackboards, pencils, ink pens, textbooks covered with brown paper, etc. However, the memories of those old days remain in the old school rooms as many have been moved into the future with smart technologies, digital whiteboards, Chromebooks replacing textbooks, tablets, and iPads. The development of technologies has made life easier. It is because of this technology that our education system has improved and has always been a major focus on the education world.

Nowadays, students prefer to learn with technology because they consider that it makes learning more entertaining and interesting. They specifically like eBooks, laptops, virtual learning, mobile apps, and tablets. Most of the topics that students consider uninteresting can become interesting and fun with virtual reality technologies, interactive 3D animation, etc.

Here are the benefits of using technology in the classroom:

  • The introduction of the computer and internet has reduced the effort of both the students and teachers in their classroom. With the help of the internet, students can browse, view and download different subject related notes and other study materials including Math, Literature, Biology, Chemistry, etc. The teacher can make the class more interesting and interactive by presenting PowerPoint presentation slides and other animated educational DVDs.


  • The word monotony has been completely eradicated from the education system and there is no space for monotony in the classroom with the introduction of well-equipped technology like the interactive whiteboard, etc. The technology has made students engaged towards the learning process.


  • Most of the educational institutes have started using tablets instead of books to help the students to learn in a better way. In order to develop interests towards studies, students are also allowed to play some educational games like quiz, jigsaw puzzle, picture puzzles during their class hours under the guidance of their lectures.


  • Students can access any information at any time related to their studies. For example, students can easily prepare for their seminar about different topics from their desk by collecting information readily available online, by using the PowerPoint tool to create a slideshow and any other type of media to present their seminar in an interesting way.


  • With the help of the interactive 3D animation applications, teachers can show the complete demonstration of DNA Structure, human anatomy and other 3D models related to science and biology for higher class students. These technologies have cut-short the teacher’s job by drawing the diagrams, labeling their parts and explaining to the class.


  • The virtual technologies help the students to explore different types of realities which are not possible to show in classrooms. In this technology, with the use of virtual reality headset, students are able to visualize every single concept taught in their class by their lecturers. All the concept are explained clearly with 3D animation along with the diagrams which are easy to remember for a longer period of time rather than the diagram described on the blackboard.

Finally, it is important to use these modern technologies in all classrooms in order to prepare students for the most demanding jobs and tasks in technologies. In today’s job market, every employer is looking for some technology skills in their employee, so it is important to introduce these technologies in the classroom and to include it into the all the educational curriculum. Apart from the regular curriculum and availability of study materials, these technologies are also useful for tracking the student’s participation and their performance both by their teachers and parents. The use of technology in the classroom helps in improving the quality of the education which is conveyed to the students.

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