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Cartoon HD: Gone are those days when we needed desktop computers in order to do all the computing work. Today, people rely more on portable devices for their convenience. Typing emails or even watching movies on desktop computers is a thing of the past. People use smartphones or tablets to write emails, play games, watch movies and as their personal digital assistants. It has not only made the smartphone industry flourish a lot but has even made people aware of the world around them. So, with a smartphone in your pocket, you literally have the world at your footsteps.

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Smartphones have a lot of use today. Apart from the above-stated activities, they can also be used to watch videos. Watching videos on smartphones is a great experience. With displays so good and sound quality super good, watching videos and movies is a great experience. One such app that never fails to impress us here is Cartoon HD. Cartoon HD is a video on demand service with a twist. Unlike other videos on demand apps, Cartoon HD is famous for providing movies and television shows for free. Other apps charge a substantial amount of money from the users but Cartoon HD makes sure that the users get absolute entertainment without any problem.

This is one of the reasons why is regarded as the best app that provides TV shows and movies for free. As per the official stats, it has been downloaded more than 5 million times to date. The app is rated more than 4.5 out of 5 (average) worldwide and the user stats and ratings keep on rising daily.

Some of the features of Cartoon HD are-

  • Cartoon HD does not require any heavy hardware to run. All it needs is a simple Android, iOS or Windows device and around 5 MB of storage space to run. The app gets installed very easily and once it gets installed, it runs effortlessly.
  • There are over ten thousand movies and television shows (including lots of anime and cartoon shows) on Cartoon HD that you can either stream online or download pretty easily on your device. The video quality ranges from 240p all the way up to 1080p full HD.
  • You can stream or download movies and television shows with Cartoon HD either over Wi-Fi or with mobile data enabled on your device. And since there is cloud acceleration enabled here, you need not worry about the app consuming too much of your internet data and it will provide you optimum speed as well.
  • The app runs flawlessly without lags or so, so you need not worry much about it affecting your device’s performance. Just download and install the app and let it do the rest for you.
  • The interface is great and has a lot of well-arranged icons and drop-down menus for your convenience. Simply tap on any of the menus and you can start streaming shows or movies on the go. Also, it does not consume much of your battery as well, so that adds on as a bonus.