4 car gadgets you need in your life

If you love your car and also have a thing for hi-tech gadgets, why not combine the two? There are some kick-ass products out there right now that will give serious value to your daily ride and will not cost the earth. Some of them actually add an element of safety to the whole experience. You see, modern driving gizmos are often a lot more useful than you imagine and this short article takes a look at some that will really help you to drive and stay safe.


These little hi-tech gadgets are now better than ever before. They are just awesome for filming that epic drive through the mountains but how about their other purpose? Yes, we are talking about the ability to have your back when you are driving. For a very reasonable outlay, a front and rear facing dashcam will keep an eye on the road in front and behind you at all times. This means that if an idiot driver decides to smash into your lovely Ford Explorer, you can prove that it was their fault. The same goes for others who want to ruin your day, your dashcam will catch them in the act and will act as proof for your insurance company and also for the police should they get involved.

Smartphone mount

If you like using your smartphone as a handy Sat Nav unit, you will still need to keep both hands on the wheel at all times. So why not invest a little in a cool little smartphone mount? This can be mounted to the windscreen to allow you full vision without ever having to look away from the road ahead. They cost very little and can save you an awful lot of hassle when on long journeys to unfamiliar places.

Jump starter kit

What happens when your beautiful Ford Mustang runs out of power in the middle of nowhere? So long as you have your handy portable jumper starter kit handy, you will be fine. These slick little gadgets can fit in your glove compartment and really do have the juice to save the day in style. They are battery sources that work by pumping power into your battery via two clamps attached to positive and negative terminals. Typically, they have a few extras such as a flashlight and USB charger ports too.

Bluetooth for cars

If you want to drive hands-free or perhaps hook your mp3 player up to your car sound system, simply buy a Bluetooth car kit and you are away. These are pretty cheap and will be able to allow you to make those calls and listen to your favorite band whilst driving your vehicle.

So there you have it, 4 very cool tech gadgets that add fun and safety to your drive without too much investment. Why not splash out on all 4 and transform that boring drive into a Hi-Tech trip that turns that frown upside down?