Getting Work In The Post Production Los Houses Angeles Industry

“It’s not what you can do but whom you know that matters.”

In the entertainment industry, it is well established that it is not what you can bring to the table that matters but whom you know that will ultimately get you a gig in the entertainment industry. This is a very real fact and a somewhat unfair realization.

But hey…that’s life.

It is incredibly salient that you consider this when choosing to enter into this business endeavor. Post Production Houses Los Angeles jobs are estimated to sink by the year 2020.

With this disconcerting news, however, there are still many things that are available to those who are looking to enter into the world of post-production. So in this article, we have taken the liberty to compile a list of a few things you can do to enter into this most creative and fascinating industry.

Getting Work In The Post Production Los Angeles Industry

# 1 – Network. Network. Network.

It is all about networking.

Yes, you can have a college degree – and we aren’t saying you shouldn’t get one – but in today’s world where it is so much easier than ever before to connect with people; that should be your number one priority.

Networking with the right people by proactively reaching out to them will help you discover gigs that won’t be posted on job forums.  Not only that…you will also show how adamant and how passionate you are in landing a job like this.

To be candid the Hollywood life is extremely chaotic and is a “dog eat dog world”, just read the works of Robert Greene in his book “The 48 Laws of Power”. You can be the absolute best in your business career but if you don’t know the right people, if you aren’t connecting with the right people, if you aren’t searching in the right areas (and this last one is incredibly salient) you will not be landing the gigs and projects that you have a passion for.

So if you get anything from this article it is to be proactive – go out there and search for the right people because they will be there. And if you get a “NO”, we’ll then…this leads beautifully to our next advice.

# 2 – Don’t Take “No” As An End

I heard it said that when someone says “NO” you say “NEXT”; I rather like that mindset. It is crucial that you do not take anything to serious when trying to land a gig. You may very well be told “no” dozens of times, but you have to keep in your mind that “no” is just a BETTER “YES” somewhere else.

In the entertainment industry, numerous peoples are all striving and thriving to get into this industry. People will tell you “no” all the, and it may be because they have enough or they just aren’t in need of a new person on the production team.


Remember there are always more opportunities around the corner…only if, you see it that way. Keep that chin you and move on KNOWING you will find a better place and comment that will appreciate your services.

# 3 – Start Out With Independent Movies Or Maybe Even YouTube

Now before you say “NO WAY (assuming people still say this)” understand that YouTube and many low budget production companies are becoming very popular, especially YouTube. There are many benefits that you can get from both of these platforms.

YouTube will soon be the dominant video platform on the planet; this is no hyperbole. Many people on YouTube require help with their channels or for their long projects. Not only is there money to be made in this type of work (and there is much money that is being made in YouTube) you can also find a plethora of people that are doing something you have a passion for.

There is a common misconception that making a YouTube channel is effortless. Just hold a camera up to your face and KABLAM you get millions of dollars.

This notion that YouTube projects are just a one-person group (and some are) is nonsensical, especially when You are dealing with long videos that require editing, lighting and so on.

As for the independent movies, this is also a great alternative if you cannot make it in Hollywood. This may very well be a much more artistic and more professional industry to get into over Hollywood. Not to be political but Hollywood has its scandals, dramas, and stories of tragedy.

The independent movies are much more about the art of making movies. They are much more professional in that sense that they don’t have the big budget to waste.

Therefore the objective is clear, and the passion is what drives them. This may very well be a much better option for the individual who has a great love for post-production work.

The great things about these to particular platforms is that you can learn a great deal and maybe even, later on, build up to house your own production company. Everything starts from humble beginnings.

Final Thoughts

It is important to know that post-production gigs are becoming less and less as the years go by and as mentioned by 2020 the number of jobs will see a decline. However, it would be most beneficial for you to look at some of the advice mentioned above as not second their level of production but legit alternatives that can alter maybe but you in a situation where bigger post-production companies will see your work and want to hire you (they seek you out instead of you seeking them out), or you can very well start your own post-production company.

There are many options out there, and it is crucial that you understand that… when a door closes; there are many MANY more doors that will be open and available to you.